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Conservatory Ideas

It’s now 3.5 years since we moved into our south London home. Still with its tiny kitchen, still with all our talk of extensions and future plans. We don’t yet know what’s possible but we do have a lot of outside space. Talking to my Mum about it a couple of weeks ago, she asked if we would consider a conservatory. If we already had the dream kitchen and it was simply about extending that space, perhaps.

But is it really good value for money and how long could it last? A brick-built extension is something that you would expect to last for the duration of the rest of the house. A conservatory on the other hand to me gives the impression that it has a much shorter-shelf life. So how do you ensure the investment and outlay isn’t wasted a few years down the line?

Typically this type of structure will last around 10 years but it can vary hugely depending on the build. Both materials used and quality of the installation will play a significant factor in the building’s longevity. If you maintain it properly, adding a conservatory is a worthwhile investment. Being traditionally glass-based structures however and subject to seasonal weather extremes, they will show wear and tear.

One of the ways to protect your investment and reinvigorate the space is to add a Supalite conservatory roof. These resemble tiled roofs, bringing the conservatory more in line with the rest of the house in terms of design which can only add value. The solid tiles used on modern conservatory roofs are designed to be durable and resistant to the weather, enhancing the lifespan. They also look smart and stylish which any homeowner wants over a rundown appearance. Don’t forget the importance of guttering either, Lindab guttering is a great solution.

So whether you use a conservatory to relax with a tea and papers in the summer, as an extended dining space or child’s playroom, remember there are always methods to revive it, making the most of the space and of your hard-earned home improvements.

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