A Simple Explanation Of How Pets Can Improve Your Life

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I couldn’t imagine a life without my pets. From a baby I’ve always been surrounded by animals and am a firm believer that choosing to love another species shows a greater tolerance for compassion and understanding than someone who doesn’t. Pets have been proven to provide comfort to the lonely, therapy for the ill and bring joy in so many ways.

I’ll always be a flag-flyer for having pets in my life and here’s why:


Any animal, whether this is a budgie, a dog, a snake, or a cat, gives us a new and motivating reason to get up each morning. Some animals in particular like dogs will never cease to let us know when it’s breakfast time. Establishing a morning routine is very important for our circadian rhythms to help sleep, so get up and feed your pet.

Companionship and trust can form at the deepest and richest level between a human and their animal, as long as enough time and patience are applied when building the initial bond.

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Unadulterated Love

Love and companionship are two entirely different things, and for those people who choose to bring an animal into their world yet fail to give them the proper attention and bonding time they deserve, they’re very unlikely to get unadulterated love in return.

However, spending quality time with your animal, and of course, tailoring your behaviour to suit the animal in question, will result in a little heartbeat that can bring so much more joy than the love from another person.

If you’ve recently brought a pet into your home, whether an older rescue or a baby animal, it’s so important to take that time to build the love and trust. Be patient and caring and you’ll reap the rewards for years to come.

New Human Friends

Not only will your animal become one of your best friends, but you’ll also find yourself making new human friends as a result of your furry adoption, which is another power of pets.

Whether this is on social media, in specific groups dedicated to lovers of the type of animal, or else on your regular morning and evening dog walks to the local park, joining the club of animal lovers will widen your social circle no end.

You Will Be Healthier

Finally, not only will rescuing a deserving animal from the local shelter change their life and in some cases, make the difference between living and being euthanized, owning a pet will also boost your health in a number of ways.

Apart from the benefits to your emotional health and well-being as discussed above, the physical benefits of introducing a pet into your home and your heart include lowering blood pressure and therefore reducing the risk of stroke and heart disease, and a reduction in forms of bad cholesterol.

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