How To Become A Sustainable Crafter in 2024

According to official ONS statistics, around 86% of adults in the UK have made some changes to their lifestyle in a bid to become more eco-friendly. If you want to be more sustainable this year but don’t want to give up your crafting hobbies, don’t fear! There are plenty of ways to reuse old belongings or recycle projects.

Here are some of our favourite projects for you to get stuck into.

Desktop organiser

If your desk often turns into an avalanche of papers and blue tac, why not make a desktop organiser? Using something as simple as an old cereal box, you can use ribbon, paint, and tape to construct a funky yet functional organiser that looks like you purchased it from an interior design boutique.

You can make your desktop organiser as small or large as you like, depending on how much you need to pack away on your desk!

Create a scrapbook of your year

Scrapbooking requires a lot of creativity, but the effort pays off when you can look back on your year in pictures and cherish precious memories of your holidays or important events like weddings or christenings.

Papercraft essentials are a must when creating the perfect scrapbook, as well as scissors, pens, and markers.  To give your scrapbook the ‘wow factor’, it’s a good idea to add some small embellishments. But don’t worry – you don’t need to go out to buy these! To keep things sustainable, you can use leftover scrap paper, old clothes, leftover fabrics, broken CDs or – if you can’t find anything at home – anything bought from a thrift shop.

Wine cork stamper

Who said the fun must end once the bottle of wine is finished? If you’ve got young children, making a wine cork stamper is a great way to save money during high living costs and encourage a little bit of creativity.

All you need to do is trace your wine corks onto a piece of paper and map out your design. Try not to do anything too intricate, simple shapes such as hearts and circles work well. Using a sharp knife, cut around the shape, leaving the shape sticking up.

Then stamp until your heart’s content!

Upcycle your candle

Once you’ve finished burning your candle, it doesn’t need to go in the bin. You can create a new home for one of your houseplants.

All you need to do is give your candle jar a thorough wipe and clean once you’ve burned the wick. Then chill it in the freezer – this will cause any remaining wax to shrink and loosen. After this, turn your jar upside down and the wax should fall out. If the wax needs a little encouragement, tap the base lightly with a spoon to loosen the more stubborn parts.

Then once your pot is clean and free of wax, paint it and carefully place a plant in there, making sure to use a nursery pot to ensure drainage.

Which sustainable project will you start next?

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