A 5-Step Guide On How To Make Smoothies

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With the focus on wellness taking over the world today, it’s never been more popular or accessible to enjoy the benefits of a great-tasting smoothie. 

Whether you’re looking to prepare an immersion blender smoothie recipe full of nutritious veggies and fruit or you want something more dessert-like, the steps are pretty consistent across the board.

With these 5 steps, you can take any recipe and follow it perfectly or tweak it to make it your own.

Step 1: Choose Your Main Ingredients

What kind of smoothie are you hankering for? Is it the dog days of summer, and you need something to cool you down from the inside out? Or maybe you have a stomachache, and the right smoothie could settle your belly quickly. Whatever your aim, either recovery or prevention, there’s a smoothie recipe for that.

Most people use one or two fruits, but you can add as many as you prefer, either fresh or
frozen. If you do opt for the fresh version of your ingredients, peel and pit as necessary. You
don’t want to throw a banana in with a peel or a peach or apple with the cores. Take care of any piece removal before you put the fruit in your blender. To make it easier to emulsify, chop the fruit into bite-sized pieces, then add as many as you choose into the machine.

Be cautious about the amount of fruit you include, though. It may all fit in your immersion
blender, but you’re not done adding ingredients yet.

Step 2: Don’t Forget The Greens

Ahhh, greens. They’re an essential part of our daily nutritional intake, but if you’re not all about salads, adding spinach and kale to your smoothie can help. Don’t worry about the color. If you’re using a true immersion blender, the leaves will break down so well you won’t taste them.

Step 3: Pick Your Liquid

Fruit juice is only part of the liquid that makes up your smoothie. You can add water to keep the recipe simple and stick with the fruity benefits, or you can kick it up a notch and make it thicker and creamier by using your preferred milk or yogurt or adding in a healthy beverage. Throw in a few ice cubes to make it extra cold!

Keep in mind that as your machine blends the smoothie ingredients, it will rise up higher than the level you see currently. Don’t overfill the blender. Leave a few inches towards the top for it to do its work. (See your blender’s instruction manual for more details.)

Step 4: Sweeten The Deal

Fruits are naturally sweet, but if you want to make your smoothie extra flavorful, you can add other ingredients to boost the sugary taste. Try to avoid Stevia or other sugars. Instead, use a healthy sweetener like peanut butter, honey, or vanilla extract.

Step 5: Hit Blend

Ready to puree all your hard work into one delicious smoothie? Look on your blender for the right button. Depending on the brand and type of blender, this might be puree, smoothie, blend, or shake. It will take a minute or so to get all of your ingredients nice and smooth, but when the blender is done, all that’s left to do is pour, sip, and enjoy!

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