5 Fun DIY Projects I’m Planning For Spring

It’s February 1st – the nights are getting a teeny bit longer and I can see magnolia buds on the tree in the garden. Unlike everyone else though it seems, I actually didn’t think January dragged at all. I’ve learned now that it really is the busiest month of the year at work and combined with picking up a rubbish cold for a couple of weeks, it flew by in a combination of “just get through it” and a lot of good TV.

I knew I wouldn’t have any time or energy for fun projects last month – 3 years into life with a chronic illness and I still underestimate the absolutely massive impact it has on the simplest every day tasks – so I put no pressure on myself to do a great deal. Now though, I am RARING to go. I thought I’d share some of the ideas I have in the hope that accountability actually makes me do them…!

More Lollipops

Yes, I am missing my lollipop stick projects after having covered the top of my IKEA Malm chest of drawers in them and then my IKEA bedside stool glow up. It is the ultimate in fake herringbone transformations and now I’ve seen how well it lasts I basically want to cover my entire house in lollipop sticks (could you imagine)

Last year I gave Pete’s bedside table a paint makeover but honestly, lining it up with the upcycled bed frame and my bedside table I can’t say I’m feeling it so a lollipop top to the rescue. It will be quick, easy, and I KNOW it’s a guaranteed success.

An Office Nook Glow-Up

Even now we’re returning to some version of how things used to be, it’s likely that I’ll be spending part of my working week at home for the foreseeable. I love my little desk area in our back spare bedroom and it’s the perfect place to work, but I had resisted making anything too permanent until I knew what the future looked like.

I’ve been watching one of my favourite Instagrammers, Liz from Within The Grove, complete a fabulous painted arch and shelf set-up in her and her husband’s home office and I think something similar is just what I need to level up my own space and make it a bit more conducive to work.

The Cute Dog Gate

Ever since we got Maddie nearly 8 years ago, we’ve had THE most unattractive baby gate straddling the dining room doorway to stop her coming out when she’s all muddy after a long walk. There is such a gap in the market for aesthetically pleased dog/baby gates I don’t know why people aren’t rushing to fill that gap!

I’ve seen a couple of fun ideas online and “suggested” the idea to Pete who didn’t rubbish it and I think this could be the perfect project for him. We have lots of scrap wood lying around the place so it will hopefully be a super budget project but with big impact.

The Bathroom Vanity Upcyle

Both our bathroom and en-suite have had quite the temporary, budget makeovers in the time we’ve lived her and I’ll be honest, I have no idea when we’ll get round to their proper renovations. So for now, it’s a case of chipping away at fun little spruce ups.

When I did the en-suite makeover last autumn, I used some half-dowels to upcycle the little cupboard on the wall and I LOVE how it turned out. I’m now planning to do the same to the vanity in the main bathroom to tie the two rooms together and then paint the hardware black from copper. This should be another relatively straightforward project as I’ve already done it before.

Painting The Bedroom Radiator

After painting the bedroom last autumn, I did a little poll on Instagram to see what people thought about painting the radiator the same colour as the walls and it was a resounding “PAINT IT, PAINT IT” rather than leaving it white.

I figure this one is a pretty safe plan as when we renovate in the bedroom we’re planning for underfloor heating and doors where the window and radiator currently are, so what’s the worst that can happen right?

I’m excited that my motivation has finally re-appeared and there are so many other things on the horizon too, we still need to repair the dining room wall where I found a damp problem, we’re looking to replace our asbestos outbuilding roof for a new one AND get going with the extension. One thing at a time.

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