5 Fashionable Outfit Ideas For A Night On The Town With Friends

When I was in my teens and 20s, I always used to wonder why “older people” would ever be on a night out? Surely they should be at home! Now I’m in my mid-40s, life is just beginning and whilst nights out may not be as common anymore, they’re still fun. Plus there’s nothing like a night out with your best friends especially if you’ve been friends for a long time! Whether you plan to spend your evening tearing up the dance floor or sipping cocktails at your favorite bar, you definitely won’t want to look anything less than your best.

That said, we’ve spent way too long deciding on the perfect outfit. You’ll have to walk the line between looking stylish and being comfortable, especially if you’re going to be bar hopping or dancing the night away (I’m definitely over nights out in heels!).

Here are some ideas to cover all eventualities, no matter who you are, how old you are, or where you’re planning to party.

All Black

Can’t be bothered to colour-coordinate your outfit? Want an easy, fuss-free way to look 200% more elegant and sophisticated instantly? Simply dress in black from head to toe. Black clothes will make your figure appear sleek and streamlined whatever your body type, and they also offer much more variety than you’d imagine at first. Try experimenting with garments of different textures, cuts, and styles and you’ll soon see that all black looks are anything but drab.

As with any outfit, the key to rocking an all-black outfit is being intentional about the effect you want to achieve. Buy thick cotton leggings in black or in leather or leatherette, and pair them with a crop top, a motorcycle jacket, and some combat boots for an edgy look. Or if you’d like a softer, more feminine alternative, the classic little black dress never misses.

Colourful Co-Ords

Of course, black is far from your only option when it comes to monochromatic outfits. Coordinated two-piece and three-piece sets are all the rage these days, and they’re now available in every colour of the rainbow and then some. Choose a bright hue like hot pink or electric blue and all eyes will be on you the moment you walk through the club doors.

If you can’t find a matched set in a colour you like, it’s also entirely possible to DIY your co-ords instead. You can try to match your top and bottom exactly, or you might also incorporate the same colour in slightly different shades throughout your outfit to give it more dimension. You can also customize t-shirts using print-on-demand services or get embroidery done to match the outfit. Here is a link to the Printful website where you can learn more about the print-on-demand services.

Neutral-hued shoes and minimal jewelry are a good way to go with a monochromatic outfit, but you can also pick out footwear and accessories in your chosen color if you’d like to go the whole nine yards.


A one-piece is an ideal night-out solution for those who’d like to spend less time choosing separates and more time hanging out with the girls. While the classic cocktail dress is still considered the staple one-piece outfit for nights on the town, its full-length cousin, the jumpsuit, is rapidly catching up in terms of popularity. Pick one in a comfy, breathable fabric like cotton jersey or linen, and you can walk the line between fashion and function with ease.

Oversized Blazer

Who says blazers belong exclusively in the office? Extra-large blazers have become an ultra-popular going-out staple in recent years, and this doesn’t look like it’s about to change anytime soon. To achieve the loose, boxy silhouette that’s so beloved on social media nowadays, just go ahead and raid the men’s section or male wardrobe! Women’s blazers are often cut more to follow the shape of the body and thus tend to be more form-fitting, even in supposed “boyfriend” styles.

An oversized blazer is great for offsetting daring pieces like cocktail dresses, miniskirts, or short shorts. You can also forgo using it as outerwear completely and simply wear it as a dress. Choose a double-breasted blazer in a soft, cozy material and you’ll feel dressed down even while still looking all dressed down.

Jeans and a Statement Top

Many people out there practically live in their favorite jeans, and it’s not hard to see why. Denim is comfortable, classic, and effortlessly cool. Good-quality jeans can last you years if you take good care of them. And best of all, you can easily dress your jeans up or down depending on the setting and occasion. For example, it’s entirely possible to style them appropriately for work, for a casual day running errands—and, yes, for a night out.

Because most pairs of jeans lean casual, they’re the perfect backdrop against which an eye-catching top and some well-chosen accessories can pop beautifully. Sparkly sequined tops, sexy corsets, off-shoulder tops, and flowy chiffon pieces are all great choices. Choose a style that works for you and your perfect going-out look will come together in an instant.

You should have as much fun getting ready for a night out as you expect to when you finally hit the streets. Choose clothes you love and feel great wearing and you can’t possibly go wrong.

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