Mobile Tyre Fitting Facts: Every Local Car Owner Should Know

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We all love a bit of convenience in life and there are ever-increasing amounts of services to give us just that. You may have heard about mobile tyre fitting, but not quite yet brought yourself to trying them out. If you are someone who travels on longer routes by car; be it from Scotland to London or vice versa, mobile tyre fitting service can come in handy for longer routes like this.  

Mobile tyre fitters offer exactly the same service as your local garage – but without the inconvenience of hanging around until your car is ready for the road once more! Mobile tyre fitters will come to you, so you can keep working while they do their thing.

They’ll Balance, Align, Inflate

Just as your local garage will check your tyre inflation, balance your wheels and align the tyres precisely on the axles, so too will a mobile tyre fitter. Mobile tyre fitting vans are filled with equipment and meters that will help them install, inflate and check your tyres without needing the full size equipment that you’ll find in a garage.

They’ll Repair You If They Can

As a rule of thumb, if you have called out a mobile tyre fitting van because of an emergency – they offer both emergency call-outs and appointments for regular tyre changes and services – the mechanic will almost always try to repair your tyre if it is possible, rather than replace it. This is because tyres really should be changed in pairs, and preferably in fours – and having to buy two or four new tyres is not something that many people can do on a whim. So they will get you patched up (well patched up!) and back on the road, so you can make arrangements with your regular tyre fitter to change your tyres in due course. 

They Carry Limited Stock

This is also because mobile tyre fitting vans can’t carry a great range of stock – certainly not enough to be able to cover every emergency call-out that they have that day. It is important to note that you can’t simply flag down a mobile tyre fitter, should you suffer a puncture and see a mobile tyre fitting van passing by. You will have to phone, let them know what the problem is, and wait while they bring out the tools and, perhaps, the tyres that you will need. Let’s say you are en route towards Scotland and tyre emergency occurs, you can easily call a reliable fitter from the area to fix your problem. Luckily, experts at Fife Autocentre offer this service & you can book mobile tyre fitting today.

Each Van Has Their Own Patch

Each mobile van is allocated an area to ply their trade, which means that they can easily travel about between appointments, without being on the road for great lengths of time. The vans will usually have reciprocal agreements with local tyre suppliers so they can pop into the closest one to top up their stocks or replenish their supplies.

They Can Carry Up To Twenty-Four Tyres

Having said that, a mobile tyre fitting van is a miracle of storage and engineering, and as well as all the computer equipment, hydraulic jacks and meters, there is space for up to twenty-four tyres – sometimes twenty-five. This means that a van can carry up to six full tyre changes for those who have booked appointments – or twelve, if the tyres are only being changed in twos! However, an average mobile tyre fitter will have around sixteen clients to see in any day, plus any emergency calls that come through – so it becomes clear that the van cannot carry enough tyres to outfit all the customers: hence the need for detailed descriptions as to what make and model your car is – and it is also why mobile tyre fitters often attempt a repair rather than push for a more expensive replacement.

They Can Be Cheaper

Finally, and perhaps a surprising piece of information: mobile tyre fitters are not only usually the same price as a physical garage, but they can even be cheaper! This is because the vans are self-contained and do not incur the overheads that a physical premises does – allowing them to offer their superb services for less than you might expect.

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