Why Being A Pharmacist Is A Great Career Choice

Do you ever think about the career you’ve ended up in? Is it your dream job, or something you fell into way back when? I’ve worked in similar types of roles for more than 18 years now and I know it’s my skillset but I can’t honestly say it’s what I aspired to growing up. But then who does know?

Choosing a career is an absolutely massive decision. Your choice can have massively significant implications for the rest of your life, both emotionally and financially. Many of us are likely to want something that’s mentally involving, socially rewarding, and that pays well. A pharmacist can offer all of the above and interestingly, when I was still in secondary school I worked as a part time pharmacy assistant in a small chemist in my home town!

Contribute To Society

For many people, it’s important to feel like your career contributes to other people’s well being in a meaningful manner. As with most careers in the medical profession, as a pharmacist, you can absolutely have a positive impact on the lives of others.

You can have a person facing role, working collaboratively with other healthcare professionals to ensure that each patient gets the best care they need. Alternatively, you could be in a more research-based role, looking into how medication can be used optimally for patient well being.

Diverse Opportunities

Working as a pharmacist definitely doesn’t have to be boring. You can work as a locum pharmacist with a company like Pharma Seekers and move around through temporary positions, or be part of a research institute.

If your role starts to grow old, you can always switch things up. Pharmacists are in high demand, and with an ageing population and struggling NHS, the need for pharmacists is only going to increase.

Job Security

A lot of careers that pay well and contribute to society in some way offer very poor levels of job security. As we alluded to above, this isn’t the case with pharmacists at all. The industry is constantly expanding and improving itself, with new forms of medication-based therapy and immunisation being invented all the time. If you’re concerned about having a career that’ll still exist in 25 or 50 years’ time, then becoming a pharmacist is a safe option.

Competitive Salary

Becoming a pharmacist basically ensures that you’ll receive a competitive salary for as long as you stay in the profession. You’ll likely also be able to benefit from competitive benefits packages, including a good retirement plan and potentially private health insurance. 

Continuous Learning

As a pharmacist, you’ll need to commit to ongoing learning. As medications are constantly changing and we continue to improve our knowledge about a wide range of illnesses, you can’t keep on practising the same things you learned at university while studying your MPharm.

You’ll be able to embrace ongoing learning and skill development, making it unlikely that you ever feel like you’ve stagnated professionally or intellectually. It’s definitely demanding, but then all of the best professions are.

As you’ll have gauged from the above, becoming a pharmacist can result in an incredibly rewarding career path. In addition to good pay, contributing to society, and ongoing professional development, you get to benefit from a high level of job security, something that could become incredibly important as we enter into an increasingly competitive job market. There are heaps of different roles in the profession that you can experiment with, making it highly unlikely that you’ll ever get too bored.

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