Reno Diaries: What’s the most random thing in your home?

When OH and I were house-hunting, we had a fairly short list of requirements – perhaps years of watching ‘Location, Location’ had rubbed off on us and we figured that in order not to have to compromise, keeping the wish-list short was probably the way to go.

All that we did really know was that we wanted a period property no “younger” than 1930s, to have at least 3 bedrooms, a garden and to be somewhere in South London which means we could both get to work (me at London Bridge and him at Canary Wharf) within 30 minutes. We’d loved living in Forest Hill but with the price of two bedroom Victorian terraces nudging £450,000 it was just unrealistic and so we cast our search a little wider.

The house we ended up buying after looking at just 3 other properties has given us so much more than we ever dreamed we’d be able to afford and it’s still only 15 minutes for me by train to work and 30 minutes for OH. It’s been full of surprises, none more so than what we found at the bottom of the garden.

At the bottom (or top!) of the garden there is a double garage

I have a confession to make – we did look at the garage when we viewed the property so made our random discovery then rather than when we moved in. The garage was converted into a ‘den’ by the previous owners for their daughters so no longer has a garage door at the rear and is fully carpeted and powered up.

View from the bottom
Looking back towards the house

Despite the carpet, it’s pretty run down – the door into it is hanging off its hinges and is being replaced this week because we can’t even lock it and OH keeps saying he thinks someone will move in! In the short term we’re going to replace the carpet with lino and fix it up a bit and use it when we get a puppy but for now the most random thing about our house? We have a sauna in the garage at the bottom of the garden!! It’s fully functioning and in very good condition. It probably won’t stay forever but if we do get rid, we’ll have to have a go in beforehand – would be a crime not to. So, what’s the most random thing in your home?!

OH not quite getting to grips with the concept of a sauna


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