What Does Your Star Sign Say About Your Hairstyle?

I’m pretty sure that if you know me even at all, you’ll know what zodiac sign I am (Aquarius in case you missed the memo!) and how much I blather on about being the very textbook definition of one. I LOVE my star sign and think there are many “traits” of an Aquarius that definitely reflect me.

I’m not one for daily horoscopes but I think there’s a lot to our star signs – for example, most of my closest friends are Capricorn and my two most significant relationships have both been Sagittarius.

It’s not just our personalities and relationships that can be governed by the stars though – ever thought about how you dress or your favourite hairstyle might be linked too? I’m definitely laidback when it comes to my hair and super duper low maintenance, very Aquarian!

The Baby Blonde Ringlets

So here’s a fun little tongue in cheek look for the Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Virgo and Libra amongst you – recognise yourself?


Aries are dynamic and talented, with the ability to quickly adapt to new situations. As a fire sign, they tend to be very passionate and enthusiastic about life in general. If you are an Aries, opt for a hairstyle that reflects your personality. When it comes to hair, go for a style layered and styled in a way that makes you look fresh and energetic. According to astrology, the best hairstyle for Aries is one that is short on the sides and longer on the top.

All the thick hair as a teenager

For example, if you have thick hair, you can easily create a cute A-line hairstyle. As experts from https://scissortec.com/ say, all you need to do is basically blow dry your hair into a side-parted ponytail at the crown of your head. Then create a loose curl throughout your ponytail and pin it to one side. The final step is to use some hairspray to set your curls in place.

The Sleek Bob

Taureans are known for their strength, determination, and their sense of stability. They are also faithful and honest, valuing loyalty and commitment. If you are a Taurus, choose a hairstyle that reflects your best traits. A beautiful shoulder-length hairstyle is the best option, wearing it straight or curly as long as it looks thick and healthy. This hairstyle is a great one for accentuating facial features.

Fancy something more daring? Go for a short haircut with a fringe for an on-trend look that will stand out.

The Plum Waves

Geminis are well known for being busy, talkative, and curious. They have a wide range of interests and love spending time chatting with friends. Frequently, they are good at multitasking, so they need hairstyles that won’t take too much time to create. In this case, go for a simple and easy hairstyle that will allow you to do other things while getting ready in the morning.

To channel that classic Gemini inner beauty, choose a longer hair style that can be waved, straightened, put up in a pony tail or in a French plait – quick and easy styles for the star sign on the go!

The Tousled Dark Blonde

If you know a Virgo, I’m quite sure they’re probably self-confessed perfectionists who have high standards regarding everything in life and that includes their appearance. Virgos can be shy but once you get to know them are friendly individuals who love a bit of attention to detail.

The Copper Curls

A classic Virgo hairstyle is one that is low maintenance but also classic and sophisticated. You may not be likely to change your hairstyle very often but it helps define your personality. To try something different but still chic, create a loose side bun by simply gathering your hair on one side of your face and tying it in place. The key to making this look work is using products that won’t weigh down your hair and use natural makeup to compliment the style.


Libras are charming people who like being surrounded by family and friends. They tend to have many interests and dynamic personalities and don’t feel tied down by anything or anyone.

This reflects in the fact that a Libra can pull off any hairstyle look with ease. For example, if you have wavy hair, simply blow dry it on a medium heat setting with your head upside down so that your hair will fall naturally into soft waves. If you don’t like long hair, then you’ve definitely got the confidence to go for wow-factor short instead.  

The Red Head
Did You Find Your Hairstyle Personality?

Of course, you’ve probably read this and thought “I’m nothing like those star signs” and there are definitely no hard and fast rules. I’ve been short and curly, copper pink, maroon-red, long and straight. I tend to keep the same hairstyle for ages and then in typical Aquarius fashion, spontaneously get it all cut off and go for something different!   

Hairstyles aside though – are you similar to your star sign traits or totally different? I’d love to know.

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