Getting That Heatwave Beauty Sleep


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It surely has to be one of the areas that causes the most domestic discord the country over. SLEEP! Do you remember when you were little that you wondered how you’d ever share a bed with anyone apart from your teddy bears? It felt like such a strange concept. And all these years later, one of the topics of conversation that always makes us laugh amongst friends, couples, in the workplace, is how hard it can be to find those perfect sleeping conditions that suit BOTH people *insert eye roll here*

We’re no different, so dramatic in fact that we have a dual electric blanket so I can keep my side switched on whilst Pete doesn’t need to bother. Despite my whingeing that the conditions are polar in this country at least 350 days a year, even I find it too hot from time to time. Do not adjust your screens, yes that’s right. Our last ‘heatwave’ as short-lived as it was did make it tricky to sleep since we’re up in a loft conversion bedroom that despite having windows on both sides is like to trying to sleep in a sauna especially when the air is that still.

So what’s the solution? I’ve seen all kinds of ideas and tips, everything from taking a hot shower before bed (so the air in the room is cooler when you step out of the shower) to using breathable fabrics to sleep in – synthetic materials aren’t always a winner when it’s so hot we could fry an egg on our beds! Thankfully BedGuru have a solution that may mean we don’t have to resort to separate beds via their Therm-A-Sleep Tencel Cool Mattress Protector.

If you haven’t heard of Tencel, you will be. It’s fast being adopted by the homewares industry as a wonderfully eco-friendly, skin-friendly solution to bedding and other soft furnishings. It’s comprised of all natural Eucalyptus fibres, manufactured without pesticides and is therefore ideal for anyone who suffers from sensitive skin or eczema. Gone are the days when we would just throw any old bedding on, it’s so important to make sure we get as good a night’s sleep as possible.


We tend to switch out our winter duvet for a lower tog when it gets warmer or even just a sheet (because I am one of those weird people that does need to be covered, in case of monsters you know?) and we’re even as extra as having an air conditioning unit that Pete drags out of the outbuilding on the rare occasion it’s needed to cool the bedroom down. But imagine if that cooling could come straight from the mattress?

Very happily BedGuru are running a great offer at the moment, that if you spend £250 or more on their fabulous collection of beds, mattresses, bedding and so on (hopefully you’re in the market!) then you’ll receive one of the Therm-A-Sleep Tencel Cool Mattress Protector in a size that works for you at no extra cost. It’s dead easy to redeem too, just add it to your basket and the cost will be taken off at checkout. Yippee! Because we all know that after a bit of a wishy-washy August, September is going to be just glorious isn’t it? RIGHT? I’m not waving goodbye to summer just yet and know I’ll have a great night’s sleep to go with it.

Disclaimer: this is a paid partnership with BedGuru. As always all words and opinions are my own and I only share content which I hope may be helpful and engaging.

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