Upcyclers Unite: The Rise And Rise Of Pre-Loved Items

When I was growing up, second-hand sometimes comes with a bad reputation. Whether it be hand-me-downs from your elder sibling or a set of mugs from a charity shop; we have likely all shunned something second-hand at one point or another. However, this is rapidly changing, with fast fashion out and thrifting in. Where antiques used to just be something ancient people were interested in (and it’s a definite no from me still!), more and more young people are turning to historical items to furnish their homes. Plus many of us are now thinking more consciously about sustainability and it  determines a lot of our shopping habits.


With this year’s Love Island being sponsored by eBay to help promote pre-loved clothing, it is no surprise that the second-hand clothing market is projected to more than triple in value in the next 10 years in the US alone. This isn’t all down to Love Island though, many fast fashion brands have been under fire in recent years due to their unethical working conditions and large carbon footprints. Keeping clothes in circulation rather than mass producing and consuming new items continually is much more environmentally friendly and can also provide shoppers with some great savings. There’s nothing quite like finding a vintage bargain, either.


If you’d been asked to visualise a second-hand car years ago you might have imagined a scruffy car on the brink of breaking down. Luckily for all of us, this is no longer the case. Buying a used car no longer means settling for less, with a range of used cars available from spacious used ds 7 crossbacks for sale to two-seater convertibles, there is a used car for everyone. There are lots of benefits to buying a used car: the price tag, the knowledge of the car’s previous history and not having to worry about instant depreciation. It’s therefore unsurprising that used car sales are on the up and set to continue growing.

The previous owners of our home left these wardrobes and I upcycled them to…

I absolutely love a bit of upcycling and from wardrobes we already had to finding furniture on the street and turning it into something else, I get such a buzz from creating something new out of something old. Furniture has been sold second-hand for decades but its popularity has boomed in recent years. With the creation of Facebook Marketplace in 2016, giving users a free way to sell items locally, pre-loved furniture has flourished. There is also now, more than ever before, increased popularity of upcycling, meaning people are buying furniture with wear and tear and transforming it to look new. This has become so popular that even giant retailers like Ikea are getting involved, with their buyback and resell scheme. Buying pre-loved furniture is a great way to fill your home with unique pieces at a fraction of the price.

This table some neighbours were giving away became…
…this coffee table and bench

Last year saw the second-hand phone market grow by 28% compared with the previous year. This is good news for the tech industry which often comes under scrutiny for the number of products that end up in landfill. If I think about each time I’ve traded a phone in they’ve always been immaculate and therefore great value for money. Economical and environmentally-friendly too!

For me, trying to be mindful where I can about my impact on the environment is becoming increasingly important. Now I just need to plan my next upcycling project!

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