Birthday Organisation – Tips On Beating The Stress

Birthdays can often be a little bit of a dilemma – some people love to celebrate, eking out the parties and making the last a good week or two. Others prefer they pass by unnoticed and with as little fuss as possible. I think though on balance most people do want a little bit of recognition and if you have a lot of friends and family who enjoy celebrating, keeping organised and on top of who’s birthday is when can make for a busy time.

Birthday calendar

Whether you prefer digital or physical, a dedicated space to note down the birthdays of everyone you will be celebrating is a good place to start for keeping organised. There are even apps dedicated to keeping track of all your loved ones’ birthdays. It may also be beneficial to set up automated reminders a couple of days in advance to be extra sure that you won’t miss anything.

Keep a stash of cards

I hate having to try and find a last minute card in a panic – I can never find one I like and it feels like a bit of an afterthought. An easy way to get around this is to stock up on a variety of cards all at once for the year ahead. I have a friend who makes beautiful cards and always try to get a selection when I can, supporting a small business in the process which is even better. When stocking up, don’t forget to include some special age cards, such as 40th birthday cards, never underestimate how many people like to celebrate those milestones!

Stock up on simple decorations

Candles, balloons, paper decorations, bunting – all such useful things to have on hand especially any items that can be re-used. We always used to celebrate birthdays at my old work place with the BEST shop bought cakes and candles so it was helpful to have a stash of candles and candle holders nearby. Plus everyone always appreciates a little bit of extra effort.

Gift ideas note

Pete is the HARDEST person to buy for on the planet – so much so that I’ve almost stopped and would rather take him out for a celebration. But a handy tip for staying prepared for birthdays is to make notes throughout the year of things you think would make a nice gift for the person in question. This is also a great time-saving, organised way to keep on track too and if there are multiple ideas you can save them for Christmas. If you keep a note throughout the year of ideas, whether that be something they spotted whilst you were out shopping together or something you saw in a shop window and thought they’d like, it will make it a whole lot easier when it comes time to purchase their gift.

Now all that’s left to do is make sure I plan for the most important birthday of all in a few months time – mine!

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