Abroad Edit: Tips On Planning A Phuket Vacation

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Can you ever have too many holidays planned? Pete always says that when we come back from one trip, there should be another one booked, even if it’s not for another year. Something to look forward to, and it doesn’t have to be far. Some of our most treasured times together are the breaks we take here in the UK with Maddie when we rent a self-catering cottage somewhere and head out of London for a week.

I won’t lie though, I do adore proper hardcore sunshine. We’re so, so fortunate to have been to some amazing places together, from our honeymoon to Bora Bora to spending a New Year’s Eve together in Times Square. It’s safe to say though that we really do love Asia and so far have explored Singapore and Borneo, Sri Lanka and then Kuala Lumpur and Langkawi.

One part of the region that we still haven’t made it to though is Thailand and I’m not really sure why since everyone I know who’s been absolutely loves it. And yes it has a reputation for being a party destination which we’re a bit past these days. But just like anywhere, you can find your own little part of paradise off the beaten track and sometimes all it takes is the experts to give you a helping hand.

For me, booking a holiday to Asia does require a bit more guidance than say a city break in Europe. I’m happy to go those alone and make our own bookings and plans. Whenever we go further afield though we’ve always used an agency to help us make the most of our holidays. One of the most popular destinations within Thailand is Phuket and by opting for a villa in Phuket, ideal for everyone from couples wanting a bit more space to extended families, planning a trip can be totally hassle-free with the use of an agency. Thailand is also a popular destination with nomads and if you’re a regular traveller then look no further than https://www.thailandnomads.com/ for so many tips in the region.

Image: Villa Phuket.com

Villa Phuket provide a complete end-to-end service which starts with identifying the exact needs of the client. If children are part of the travel party, the agent works closely with the customer to find the perfect villa and location to accommodate all needs – for example, someone us travelling just as a couple typically look to stay in resorts/locations which are more peaceful and don’t necessarily cater for young children. I know it would be completely different if did have children and would want every activity available to keep them entertained.

The agency can also help with tailor-made experiences, planning bespoke itineraries and local excursions. When we went to Sri Lanka in 2015 it was mainly for a friend’s wedding but we decided to take advantage of being there and planned a specific tour for our week with a driver who took us all over the island, more or less staying somewhere different each night. Perhaps we could have saved money doing all the planning ourselves but it was such a peace of mind to know it had all been taken care of.

So where would we head to in Phuket? A toss up between the laidback feel of Kamala Bay and East Phuket, both of which would allow us to get a little bit of the beaten track whilst also having access to plenty of amenities. On our Langkawi holiday last year we barely left the resort in a week and as much as I’m normally rushing around all over the place at home, on holiday I’m very good at being my best lazy self.

I’m excited to think about where our travels will take us in 2020. It’s my 40th birthday in January and as much as I try to do my bit to live as sustainably as I can (I don’t have children, don’t drive and don’t eat any animal products), travel is the one thing which I do truly love. Tourism can be a dirty word when it comes to environmental best practise but another tick in the Villa Phuket box is that for every booking they plant a tree in Sumatra, Indonesia which has the highest rate of deforestation in the world. That’s definitely a company I can get on board with.

Enough daydreaming for now though and back to looking forward to our 2019 holidays rather than wishing the time away. It’s Las Vegas in just under a month as we have tickets to see Aerosmith and I can’t wait. Quite what Pete will do with that desert heat is anyone’s guess but I plan to lap up every last second.

Have you been to Thailand? I’d love to hear your experiences. Post in collaboration.

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