Tips for the Perfect Easter Sunday Roast (Vegan Of Course!)

Easter Gathering

Easter has always been my favourite public holiday. A couple of extra days off work when I was still there full-time = long weekend. None of the stress of Christmas. First signs of spring. It’s a great excuse to get together with family or friends and enjoy a special meal and some quality time. It’s definitely more of an occasion than a regular Sunday roast but nothing like all the faff and hassle of Christmas.

It’s still lovely to make an effort though so I thought I’d share some tips for a fun-filled, stress-free Easter Sunday roast (vegan of course). Keeping guests entertained, making sure Nana Joan is happy with the table-setting and putting the finishing touches to that mouth-watering meal.

Setting the Table (and the Scene)

It has to be said that our dining room is a bit of a challenge when it comes to setting the perfect Easter table. Normally it’s the room where Boo & Maddie spend most of their time so we always have to give it a huge overhaul when we have guests over, cleaning the whole space from top to toe and making sure it’s had a really good airing. It’s definitely not Instagram-worthy that’s for sure.

I always remember when I was growing up and my parents used to have dinner parties, it felt so de rigeur in the 80s and early 90s didn’t it? They’d get out their “best” cutlery and I’d have to help polish it before laying the table just so. Needless to say we don’t have a best set of cutlery these days but all those proper table-laying settings from when I little have been drummed into me and I’m sure my mad skills wouldn’t go amiss at the Ritz.

It’s also a lovely opportunity to actually dress the table properly which we would never bother doing if it was just two of us. Placemats, tablecloths, napkins, decorative touches – all the fun parts before that show-stopping meal (that’s not lamb, more on that later).

For a special occasion like Easter Sunday, it’s a lovely treat if you have a separate/special set of tableware like Corelle, for beautiful and durable dinnerware that is fitting of a fabulous gathering with your loved ones. We always struggle a little bit for storage because our kitchen is so small but it’s probably a good thing, otherwise I’d be collecting dinnerware sets at a rate of knots!

Finally, it’s probably worth getting the old iron out for the tablecloth just to keep the older generations happy. And do people still do fun origami napkin art?! Or is that very much a throwback to my childhood, ha!

Keeping Guests Entertained

Easter Chocolates

Of course, there’s only one thing to do on Easter Sunday and that’s a fun egg hunt that the whole family can get involved in. My baby nephews are too young to take part but our littlest niece is 3 later this year and loves nothing more than rummaging around trying to find lots of sugary treats. Although we know my brother and his partner won’t thank us for the sugar OD so it’s a good idea to mix up and maybe include some little non-chocolate related gifts.

Our other niece and nephew are now much older and would probably enjoy being on their phones more than an Easter egg hunt, but creating a scavenger hunt with clues is a little more challenging for teens that think they’re too cool for school and really, everyone loves chocolate don’t they?!

I’m also excited to see that every year there are more and more vegan chocolate options available. This is probably my third vegan Easter I think and it never feels like I’m spoiled for choice. Hotel Chocolat is a good place to look but you can also find a fair few options now in the free-from sections at bigger supermarkets.

The Perfect Vegan Roast

Now, you may think I’ve lost my marbles (it’s about time to be honest) when I talk about vegan roasts but there are SO many options. I have to confess to cheating if it’s just me and Pete, Linda McCartney does an amazing “beef” roast with a shallot and red wine sauce that you just pop in the oven and have with all your normal veggies. If you’re going it alone, then you can’t beat a roast cauliflower with turmeric, a nut roast or a vegan Wellington. The best thing about the move towards a more sustainable way of eating is just how much choice there is, whether you love cooking or want something easy to pop in the oven. But there’s one thing for sure, I’m afraid guests to our gaff won’t be eating lamb this Easter.

What about you? Do you make a big deal of this holiday or is it just another holiday?

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