The One Where The Break Was Over

The Break Is Over

What feels like forever ago, I wrote a post about taking a bit of a break. It was meant to be really only whilst we were on holiday. And then the days turned into weeks, and the weeks turned into months. Sure, there’s been the odd blog post here and there. But my heart wasn’t in it and then it all turned into a bit of a negative spiral.

I HATE it when life takes over the stuff that’s really important. The things you REALLY want to be doing with your time but can’t. It makes me very resentful but no matter how hard I try, it’s impossible to reverse. This is how I’ve been feeling for at least the past 4 months. Turning down events, or saying yes but then having to cancel at the last minute. Not replying to emails, watching the tumbleweeds hurtle through my inbox.

Now though, now it all feels ok again. I guess with hindsight maybe I needed that break even though it was forced upon me rather than me choosing to take such a long time out. It’s made me realise how much I love my side hustle, the little online world where I can really lose myself. The creativity of liaising with brands and creating content, the opportunity to meet like-minded people all sharing a mutual love.

I’m ready to feel excited and inspired again, to share lots of great new content and collaborations. We’ve got some exciting home renovations coming up in the next fortnight and that too keeps me motivated. I’ve really, really missed the online life and sharing with strangers. How funny does that sound? But it’s true. This is such a different world that we live in from the one 20 or even 10 years ago. Where friendships can be formed with people you’ve never met. Where it’s possible to try your hand at just about anything.

Recently I sat in on a talk by Felicity Aston MBE. She is a polar explorer, becoming the first woman to ski alone across Antarctica. It was easily the most inspiring talk I’ve ever heard. She is so down-to-earth despite all her phenomenal achievements which include leading several all-female expeditions to the South Pole. Sometimes with women from around the world who had never seen snow and didn’t even know what skis were. Whenever she was told she couldn’t, she did.

Her mantra is very much do what you love. Accept the challenge and make it yours. And that’s exactly what I intend to do. I don’t think much can be achieved without hard work but from now on, that hard work is going to be focused on what’s worth it and I can’t wait to get started.

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