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Gift buying can be stressful, but it’s really a bit of a shame if it turns out this way. Buying fun gifts for your friends and family should be an enjoyable experience, where you get to take a step outside of your daily routine and think outside the box for a moment or two. Breaking out of the usual gift-buying habits is sometimes more easily said than done, so to help you out, we decided to compile some ideas that should be suitable for every occasion.

Give the gift of a star

If you’re looking for a fun idea that pretty much anyone would appreciate, then why not give the gift of a star? While you can’t quite give the actual star itself away, you can name stars on the World Star Register, after the person you’re giving the star to or give them the option to name it themself. This really is an easy gift to give – we can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t want a star named in their honour, so why not give it a go?

A fun experience

If the person you’re getting a gift for enjoys activities, then why not buy them a fun, potentially exhilarating experience? Depending on their capacity for adventure, that could be a bungee jumping experience, a windsurfing lesson, or a day out rock climbing. It will likely be a day that they remember forever, and could even be something you do with them as well.

Take them for a night out

Everyone loves being taken out for a night out, so why not give it as a gift? No matter the age of the recipient, you can turn it into a fun and memorable experience. That could be an evening at the theatre or cinema, a cooking lesson at a restaurant, or even a concert. Make sure that you think about what the recipient enjoys doing, and then tailor the night to match their idiosyncrasies in an engaging and creative manner.


Last but certainly not least, you can find a fun gadget that will be perfect for pretty much every occasion. Whether that’s a remote control car for a younger recipient, or a running watch for that friend who’s just getting into fitness, gadgets and fun bits of tech are pretty much always a safe bet if you’re struggling for inspiration.

A good way to go about choosing a gadgety gift is to think about the things the person you’re buying for enjoys doing, and then work backwards from there. Doing it the other way around – starting with the gadget itself – can be a little risky, as you’re often prone to end up with a cool but otherwise irrelevant piece of tech. 

If you approach it with an open mind and leave enough time, gift buying can absolutely be a fun experience. Take a step away from the gifts that you normally go with, at least for a moment, and you’ll likely be able to come up with a range of ideas that are just perfect. 

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