The Ideal Drinks Cabinet

The Ideal Drinks Cabinet
Image: Cotswold Co

As someone who has their birthday in January, Dry January has never been a thing in our household. In fact, no less than THREE of my closest friends celebrate birthdays in this otherwise miserable month (funny how Aquarius and Capricorn seem to be a friendship match) so there are plenty of excuses to indulge in an alcoholic tipple.

I’ve also become a little bit obsessed with seeing beautiful carts, bars and drink-designated storage units in people’s homes these days. It seems that in these uncertain times we’re having a bit of return to 1970s home entertaining, and no home is complete without a sophisticated drinks cabinet of one sort or another.

So if you’re thinking of adding to your décor, here is a guide to finding the perfect solution.


The most obvious feature – but also the most significant – our drinks cabinet should reflect our style preferences. As with any piece of furniture, it’s a good idea to look for something that will really convey what you love about your chosen selection. For example, if you love how wine looks when it’s stacked, a cabinet that displays several bottles at a time is ideal. Alternatively, if you want something made bespoke to your living room aesthetic, find a brand that specialises in custom-made features, like Cotswold Co. Working a piece into the pre-existing theme of the living room will help the item fit more naturally, oozing sophistication.


Deciding where you want to place your cabinet is vital. If you want it to slip into the lounge unnoticed, then it’s best not to locate it in the room’s centre – similarly, tucking away a unit you want to stand out won’t do you any interior design favours either. The post-dinner tipple is a prominent feature of many gatherings, so the location of its holder is worth considering. Remember that this item can enhance the appeal of the living room, so don’t forget to showcase your dream cabinet the way you want to.

The Ideal Drinks Cabinet
Image: Cotswold Co


Why stop at just buying the cabinet? It will be storing your most prized-drinks, so why not personalise it? Miniature glitter balls, keepsakes, shot glasses. However you choose to do it, decorate your cabinet to suit you. Perhaps even marry your tastes with the must-have essentials kept in the cabinets of the most famous bartenders. That way you’ll have all the tools required to act the high-end cocktail maker whilst entertaining guests. 

Update Regularly

Time passes quickly – one minute its New Year, the next Christmas. So, it’s worth updating the look and layout of your drinks cabinet with each season. Holidays like Christmas are such a party season so you could spruce up your storage with some festive décor. Alternatively, you can create a ‘beach hut’ effect for the summer, enhancing the receptacle with the likes of tropical fruit, bright colours and small surfboards. Regularly transforming the style of the storage facility will not only be fun, but can also showcase your enviable drinks collection where ever you decide to put it.

Exploring Tastes

We are all guilty of sticking to our comfort zones, a mistake that can result in a lack of variety in our cabinets. We always want to reflect our creativity through our homes, why would we want our drinks cabinet to be anything less than colourful? With this in mind, check out the trendiest drinks of 2018 for some perky on-trend new additions to set 2019 off with a bang. The days are dark and grey and we always have that end of winter extra cold snap. With your perfect drinks set-up now in house, who needs to venture to clubs and bars? Simply pour that G&T, curl up in front of the fire and pop on your fave boxset.

The Ideal Drinks Cabinet
Image: Cotswold Co

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  1. January 10, 2019 / 9:24 am

    I am obsessed with getting a bar cart, but I think it might be a mistake with young kids around! So something more closed in like this would be much more practical. But now I want a cocktail and it’s only 9am! x

    • Lins
      January 10, 2019 / 11:38 am

      Haha yep I LOVE the idea of a barcart too but right now it’s probably a little impractical with all the other work we still need to do and I’m sure Boo would just it use it as a climbing frame haha! X

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