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I was about to start this post with the very words ‘Last Christmas’ but thought I couldn’t quite do it without a giggle. It is relevant to this post though so…last Christmas was a bit of a non-event for us. In fact we’ve had two years of not very fun festive seasons, two years ago Pete was really ill and bedridden for most of it. Last year I’d just finished my full-time after an exhausting, stressful year and nearly 15 years.

The living room was also just coming out of major renovations following replastering, laying a new floor, fitting a new radiator and building alcove shelves and cupboards. It had been painted but aside from that was very bare. So we pretty much let decorating slide last year and I was ok with that. This year though I have been thinking about our little Christmas traditions for quite a long time and feeling excited about finally having a home that feels warm and cosy after a lot of changes over the past 18 months.

As always though it’s the styling and finishing touches that seem to take longest with me and so when the lovely Venoor reached out to ask if I’d like to be involved in their Holiday Gifting campaign, I was delighted to be able to select some beautiful pieces for my home not just for Christmas but that will last and be part of our interiors décor even as we still have rooms to renovate (dining room, I’m looking at you!)

Christmas Mantel

I’m sure you’ve heard of Venoor but in case not, they’re a contemporary design-led and sustainable lifestyle brand, designing products that are made to evolve and move through life with you. This is an ideal concept from me because I tend to decorate slowly and thoughtfully, once I’ve made a decision (and done all the hard work!) the thought of changing my mind a year later and wanting to completely overhaul everything doesn’t even cross my radar.

Here’s a little bit more about the brand:

Partnering exclusively with makers and suppliers across the globe and Europe who share the company’s positive, ethical and human approach to trade and the planet, Vênoor works with talented craftspeople, using innovative processes and materials. Using sustainably sourced wood, textiles, metal and stone, Vênoor creates pieces that are beautifully functional, ethically sound and suited to the modern, lived-in home.

I sometimes struggle to define my interiors style, neither minimalist nor maximalist. I suppose it could be described as understated with a hint of glam luxe. So when I was choosing my items from Venoor it was important to pick things that I thought would work well in our home, but would also translate as thoughtful Christmas gifts for any of you who may still be shopping.

Spoilt for choice, I decided on some pieces that could be considered ‘Contemporary Collectibles’, the basis for additional décor styling and with the ability to be used through our home. First of all, the trio of Suvarna two-tone brass vases which come as one larger individual piece for £69 and a smaller set of two vases for just £18. The main material is stainless steel with a gilded base and a polished brushed dome.

Venoor Vases
Suvarna Vase

These have formed the basis of my fireplace decorating this year, I’ve popped the larger individual vase down in one corner filled with decorative twigs and wire copper lighting whilst the two smaller vases are resting on the mantel beam filled with gypsophila and more twigs. I tend to favour the same style of décor each year, again to avoid making unnecessary purchases and have tried to compliment the sustainability angle of Venoor with a natural look.

Decorative Vases
Suvarna Vase

The second items I selected were the beautiful enamel Sooki trays which come as a set of two, £24. The colours compliment our living room perfectly and at the moment they’re sitting on my little side table, the smaller one being the perfect little tray for a cosy cuppa and the BEST Christmas biscuits, the ginger thins from IKEA (which happen to be vegan, what a bonus!) I love the shapes which act as contrast to the round side table, it reminds me of the little shape blocks that children (used to?) play with where you had to put the right shapes into the right holes in the tub to collect them all up.

Sooki enamel trays
Sooki enamel trays

What’s even better about the trays is that they can either be stacked together or used separately and I have a sneaking suspicion that once our alcove unit is ready in the dining room, I’ll be using them there to style up some accessories. I think the bigger tray would be perfect for a pretty decanter and the smaller one, two gin glasses perhaps…

Sooki trays

I hope you’ve enjoyed my look at Venoor and some of their stunning homewares. They also sell furniture with all the wooden items being made from sustainably sourced wood and for every purchase made, they plant a tree at their regeneration project in India. All round, a wonderful company to either shop from yourself or make a thoughtful purchase this Christmas.

Disclaimer: The items mentioned were gifted by Venoor in exchange for a blog post and social media coverage. As always, I only cover topics and items that I think may be helpful for you and that I believe in. All words, opininons and images my own unless otherwise stated.

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