Reno Diaries: Planning for Shutters

Ever since we had the windows at the front of our house replaced, we’ve been a little on the “exposed” side with people walking past able to see into our living room through the big bay window. On more than one occasion I have been sitting here in my dressing gown eating breakfast waving to neighbours, I’m almost used to it now!

That said, it’s fine in the summer when the days are long but it’s not our long term plan to have our lives on display and we’ve been thinking about what to use to make the rooms warmer and cosier come winter.

We’ve finally settled on plantation shutters which are┬áthe best fit for what we wanted to achieve: something that looks as good from the outside as it does the inside, something easy to maintain and something where we can easily alter the amount of light we let in. They also add greater heat and sound insulation to a room which as we lose a lot of heat in this older house will hopefully be very welcome.


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I know I shouldn’t be bothered by what other people think when they look at the house but I do care and want people to think that we look after it and take care of it. Apparently our across the road neighbours are thrilled since we changed the windows as it makes the house much more enjoyable for them to look at.

A few weeks ago local company Bromley Blinds came to measure up for our living room, spare bedroom and office and in a couple of months our plantation shutters will be ready. It’s kind of hard to know exactly what they’ll look like but whenever I drive past houses I always think they look so stylish and clean. I didn’t fancy curtains or blinds and wanted something that didn’t detract from the beauty of the windows either.


Image : Pinterest

I’ve been really impressed so far with Bromley Blinds who seem to understand my anal retentiveness when it comes to house issues (yes, I know it’s true!) and they happily answered all my questions about how the shutters will fix to the windows, how they’ll fold back so we get maximum light when we want it and so on.

There’s a little Pinterest board with some of my favourite images of plantation shutters and I hope that ours will look just as lovely.

What style of window coverings do you like? Are you bothered what people think of your home from the outside?

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