Skiing For Beginners

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Skiing is the ultimate snow sport. This exhilarating activity is one that’s loved by sportspeople and holidaymakers alike, with athletes seeking glory at the Winter Olympics and those enjoying a winter escape trying their hand at gliding down the slopes.

If you’ve always wanted to try skiing, there are some things to be aware of as a beginner. Read on for our guide to the winter sport.

Skiing or snowboarding?

Before you take your big ski holiday to Austria or make your way to Whistler, it’s worth considering whether you want to try skiing or snowboarding during your big winter getaway. There are some similarities and differences between the two and ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which you want to attempt.

There’s a popular saying that’s repeated at resorts around the world: skiing is easier to learn but harder to master, while snowboarding is harder to learn but easier to master. While there’s a truth to this, your learning style and personal preference also plays a part.

Skiing is often easier to pick up because both legs are moving independently and you’re moving in the direction your feet are pointing. You get to control both leg movements as though you’re walking or running, so it’s a familiar movement.

On a snowboard, however, your feet are clipped into place on the board and your body is facing side-on to the direction you’re moving in, which can take some getting used to. Additionally, you have to tilt your torso and move your legs simultaneously, whereas on skis, your feet move in tandem.

After a few lessons in both sports, you can gauge whether you want to pursue skiing or snowboarding during your trip.

When to go

Even the ski fans with the most advanced skillsets must watch the weather forecast carefully. The predicted snowfall can impact how successful as snow season is. However, if you’re skiing in the northern hemisphere, you can expect the best conditions to run from November through to April. If you’re heading to the south, ski season runs from June until October.

Choosing a resort

Do some research before you book your resort. As well as looking for a destination that’s likely to have a good covering of snow, you’ll need to check that there are good facilities in place for beginners. Check the credentials of instructors and read reviews for the lessons that are hosted at the resort you’re considering. This can help you to whittle down your options.

You’ll ideally need a resort that has a dedicated team running the ski school and lots of gentle slopes and beginner runs that you can tackle as you get used to being in skis.

Clothing and equipment

As you’re new to the sport, it’s best to rent the equipment you need at the resort for now. You’ll also need to pack clothing that’s designed to keep you warm and comfortable as you’ll need to be out in the snow for set amounts of time during your lessons.

Invest in thermal layers, such as leggings and vests. You’ll need a few long-sleeved tops and bottoms, plus a fleece or jumper if your ski jacket isn’t lined. You’ll also need a ski jacket and trousers (known as salopettes). These must be durable and waterproof.

Pack actual ski socks that are designed to accommodate your ski boots, thick ski gloves and goggles.


You’ll have lessons as a novice. It’s important that you understand the basics but it’s also essential that you follow the health and safety guidance. Take this time to ask any questions you have and perfect your movements in your skis or on your board.

Again, it’s worth researching the types of lessons that are available before you book your trip. You’ll be glad you did.

Are you ready for your big skiing adventure?

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