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There’s been a bit of a game-changing update at the Drabwell abode recently. One of those that makes getting up earlier in in darker mornings a little bit easier, that’s added value to our home and most definitely added value to our daily lives. Thanks to the most wonderful team at Kohler, I have finally taken a shower for the first time in 5 and a half years.

Ok, that’s well click-baitey isn’t it? And not entirely true of course, because we have two bathrooms at home and thankfully despite the many cowboy botch jobs which preceded us, the shower in our en-suite is more decent than I ever could have expected it to be. Just as well because the shower over the bath in our main family bathroom has basically been an abomination since we moved in and has meant that we’ve never been able to use the bathroom for its proper purpose. Pretty much the only decent item in the bathroom up until this point had been the radiators – at least something worked!

Can someone please tell me how it is that electric showers were able labelled as ‘power showers’? I mean, I’ve used a fair few of them in my time and never come across one that can blast your skin off (which FYI, is what a good shower should do in my book). A dribble that means you can’t wash a leg hair let alone a head full of them and it’s not my idea of a good time…

We’ve always known that our bathroom will one day get a proper reno job, so aside from giving it a more superficial budget makeover a few years ago, it’s been left untouched. It means that guests always had to use our en-suite to shower and we have to take it in turns. I know, first world problems but given that we’re fortunate enough to have two bathrooms it would make very good sense if they both functioned properly.

Monochrome Bathroom Makeover Before

Thank goodness then that Kohler who I’ve been fortunate enough to work with previously on my kitchen makeover, offered their assistance in the form of a new shower attachment and also a lovely new tap for our bathroom sink. It’s one of those pinch me moments because having a properly functioning home is generally considered to be a very wonderful thing and it is indeed true.

I’d always loved the idea of a monsoon-style shower head that you can often find in a luxe hotel. I started with a visit to the Kohler Experience Centre near Old Street to see if that would even be feasible given the existing set up we had and also because you sometimes need to see examples in situ to really get a look and feel before you make a decision. I’m happy to admit I sometimes find learning all the new terminology depending what project we’re working on a little daunting but the advice I was given was incredibly useful and made me more confident in making decisions.

And although yes, our shower is still over the bath and it’s not quite the stylish experience I would go for in terms of décor, I’m so delighted we’ve been able to create that little bit of hotel luxury in our modest bathroom. And showering under a monsoon head at home is every bit as magical as I’d hoped. The shower I chose is from the July range, with a diverter and square head, since the flooring we have has a more graphic print (the same shower is also available in a round head).

We’ve opted to keep the traditional chrome finish since it just ties in neatly with our monochrome colour scheme, and as I mentioned we have plans to anyway reconfigure the space. Hopefully this will involve repositioning the bath along the window and if possible, create enough empty floor for a stand-alone shower enclosure.

At the same time we also had the bathroom sink tap replaced, choosing to simplify the mixer style and take it down a notch. What was there before was a little ostentatious, too big for a smaller bathroom and not really in keeping with the look we’ve been trying to create as an interim makeover. Kohler also very kindly offered to help with our bath taps but alas it wasn’t to be. Typically, with all the cowboy work, the bath has been shoe-horned into a space that isn’t quite big enough for it which means there’s practically no lip at all at the back and not enough space to risk playing around with the taps at the front.

So it’s still a little bit of a hodge podge here and there but my goodness when I think how far its come, making little additions as and when we can it really is such a transformed space. We’re also going to move forward with getting a quote from the window company we use to see how much it would cost to replace the window in here, adding better privacy and also a full opener instead of just a top one.

Sometimes this is the reno way isn’t it? Gradually gradually, making those changes as and when you can afford them/have time. And it’s so satisfying to see it all come together. Not only do we now have a room we can actually use, it means guests can have their own bathroom and privacy when they come to stay. Winning all round I’d say

Thank you once again to Kohler for kindly gifting a new shower attachment and sink tap. I’ve worked with them previously as mentioned and absolutely love the quality and craftmanship of their products. All words, opinions and images are my own unless otherwise stated.

Here is a source list for our bathroom to hopefully help if you’re planning some simple bathroom updates:

-Flooring (gifted): Carpetright

-Bath panel: We got a piece of MDF cut at B&Q and then painted it in two tone white and black

-Shower screen: We bought ours from Homebase but here is similar

-Bath mat: Next Home

-Shower (gifted): Kohler

-Sink Tap (gifted): Kohler

-Magnifying mirror: TK Maxx

-Small tiles painted in Ronseal One Coat Tile Paint Black

-Under sink vanity unit: IKEA and then painted in black

-Bath rack: Amazon

-Mirrored cabinet: IKEA and then painted in black

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