Shopping For Children’s Gifts At The Works

It’s the time of year when I’m starting to think about the next round of children’s gifts to buy for upcoming birthdays – our eldest Godson turns 10 in June and one of our nephews turns 10 in July. Despite not being parents, most of my Christmas prep is spent working out what to buy for our two nieces, two nephews and three godsons who between all of them range from 13 down to 18 months!

Being the (slightly lazy and disorganised) person that I am, the one-stop shop approach for me is the one that works best and one of my go-to destinations is our local ‘The Works’ store in Bromley which always seems to get me out of a last minute hole. For our littlest niece who is just 18 months old it’s easy as anything to buy presents but for the older ones I really do struggle for ideas being so out of touch with what’s ‘hip’ with kids these days (there I go sounding like I’m at least 70 years old).

Thankfully our friends and siblings are normally always on hand to give us gift ideas but I still love a place which sells everything from art and crafts to stationery and toys and at such reasonable prices. My friend Karen who blogs at Missing Sleep is the Mum of two of our godsons and she and I met in our final years at Lancaster University back in 2001. She always tells me not to spend too much on gifts for the boys because they have so many toys but top of their list at the moment are Fidget Spinners, the latest pocket money craze. Not only are they a fabulous price at just £3 but they’re small and lightweight enough to be taken on car journeys and packed for school trips.

Thankfully The Works isn’t just for kids fun, there’s plenty I’ve got my eye on too being a not-so-secret jigsaw geek. Now I just need to find the time to justify sitting for hours moving tiny pieces of cardboard around…

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