My Dream Wood Flooring Six Months On

Wood Flooring

Doesn’t time go quickly? It’s hard to imagine that it’s more than six months since my dream floor was laid in the living room, ridding us once and for all of what was lovingly (or not) dubbed “carpet of piss”. We inherited the carpet from the previous owners and I knew as soon as we moved in that engineered wood flooring would eventually be our chosen replacement. Our living room still isn’t finished (this is me after all, things take a while around here) but the parquet floor still makes me do lots of little happy dances and here’s some of the reasons why!

Easy To Clean

There were definitely a few raised eyebrows when I said I wanted wood flooring with a boisterous dog and cheeky cat around the place. But I couldn’t help feeling that it would be so much easier to keep clean than a carpet and it really is. For starters, you can see the hair which makes me much more inclined to give it a quick run round with the vacuum. I NEVER felt like I could ever get the carpet clean, no matter how hard I tried. Plus the carpet absorbed pet smells whereas wood flooring just rejects them. It’s also easy to clean any marks off with a soft cloth versus endless carpet shampoo. No regrets on that front at all.

It’s Warmer

Now this doesn’t really make any sense to me but I’ve definitely felt warmer this winter now we have wood flooring. Our home dates from the 1930’s and isn’t the warmest so as we’ve been renovating slowly over the years, we’ve made lots of changes to make it a cosier space, especially in the living room. During autumn and winter we more or less rely on the log burner as our sole heating source, even though replacing the radiator last year has made a massive difference too. But the floor feels both warm underfoot and gives the room itself a feeling of cosiness. Maybe it’s all psychological who knows? Or perhaps the sealing of the subfloor and the laying of the parquet mean there’s no cheeky drafts finding their way through. Another type of wood flooring which also elevates warmth is engineered bamboo flooring and that’s also so sustainable.

It Still Looks Beautiful

I won’t lie. The first few days of Maddie getting used to the floor was very hairy. She is a sofa dog and when she gets excited ends up skating all over the floor so yes, we do have a few small scratches. But as much as I want homes to look beautiful all the time (or I would if we ever finish this place), the reality is I also want a space to feel comfortable and lived in. We know with wood flooring comes maintenance and every so often we’ll need to have it sanded and re-oiled but any minor scratches that have occurred just add to the character and make it look older and more in keeping with the period of the house as though its always been here.

I think the danger with any changes and updates to our homes is that we may not always get it right. Sometimes we take so long actually getting a room finished (think years not months) that by the time we add the finishing touches, the original structural elements can look a bit tired. That’s just never going to happen with my beautiful wood flooring though. I’m not one for fast interiors, the environment is in a dire state to keep redecorating just for the state of it and so whatever choices we make are well and truly for keeps. Six months in I’m still as overjoyed with our floor as the day it was laid and I’m pretty sure I’ll still feel this way in six years.

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  1. Steph @ Renovation Bay-Bee
    April 2, 2019 / 10:07 am

    Oh this is good to read, I am considering wood flooring for the new extension and my concerns were everything you mentioned. But you’re happy with yours! It’s my dream flooring too so fingers crossed!!

    • Lins
      April 3, 2019 / 10:57 pm

      Ahh yay Steph I’d definitely recommend it. No qualms from our side at all X

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