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Disclosure: This is a paid commission in collaboration with Bathing Solutions

If there’s one thing I’ve done a lot of lately, it’s spend time in both our bathrooms (we have a main bathroom on the first floor and then an en-suite on the top floor courtesy of the previous owners who completed a loft conversion shortly before moving out). Newly diagnosed with a chronic illness, the bathrooms are basically my new best friends and ya know, without going into detail you get a lot of time to think. Especially at around 2am.

Now that I’m hopefully on a very tentative, slow road to some sort of normality thanks to the world’s biggest supply of medication, I am now starting to think about our next DIY projects. Or maybe that’s a little too ambitious and it should be next projects that we perhaps need to get a bit of professional help with. Here’s the issue (and I’m going to sound ungrateful when I REALLY don’t mean to). We have baths in both our bathrooms, neither of which are big and the en-suite in particular is absolutely diddy. Not so much room to swing a cat as room to swing a gnat.

We know we want to convert the en-suite into a wet room, taking out the bath since we really don’t need two of them but well, money doesn’t grow on trees. And then we also have the issue of trying to get our main bathroom into some kind of functioning state. It looks very pretty from afar since we gave it a bit of a budget makeover but the shower is one of those delightful 90’s electric ‘power shower’ jobbies that doesn’t actually function and the bath doesn’t drain properly so floods the patio when we use it.

So our next job is definitely going to be calling out a plumber to a) fix the drains and b) see about adding a pressure booster and then fitting a proper fit for purpose shower. With room size being quite modest, we currently have a shower over the bath as a great way to save space. Other tips include a mirrored wall-hung vanity unit to keep surfaces clutter-free and making sure you don’t have a basin that’s bigger than you need. It feels like half our en-suite is taken up with the most ridiculously huge sink and neither of us can fathom why. Yes, they’re luxurious but only if you have the space otherwise they’re just an inconvenience.


We also opted for a monochrome colour scheme in our main bathroom, with white tiles. It’s really helped to create an illusion of more space versus a darker colour scheme or having too many contrasting colourways on the go at one time. We’re lucky to have inherited a really big window (albeit the double-glazing needs updating) but it does flood the room with light which is a huge bonus.

Once we properly renovate our bathroom and en-suite, I think another great space-saving idea is to keep the towel rails off the floor. Most wall space in bathrooms isn’t used sensibly so creating a wall-hung way of drying towels utilizes dead space and creates less floor clutter at the same time. I’ve also seen some really clever ideas such as recessing cupboards into walls so they don’t stick out and creating sliding doors into the room especially with en-suites which tend to be smaller than family bathrooms.

So there we go, my nighttime “from the toilet” musings on our bathroom and what we’d love to do with it. Now I just have to get on with calling the plumber, why is that always the hardest part?!Disclosure: This is a paid commission in collaboration with Bathing Solutions

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