How To Live Life In An Ethically Conscious Way

Our actions and habits can have a positive or negative impact on our health, community, and the planet. Our behaviour, fashion choices, diet, and money decisions will shape our well-being, the environment, and society.

Unfortunately, the world faces many challenges, from child labour to climate change. We must choose if we’d rather be part of the solution or the problem. Here are some pointers on how to live life in an ethically conscious way.

Be Mindful of Your Fashion Choices

Many people don’t think twice about adding a £5 t-shirt or £8 dress to their online shopping cart. However, the fast fashion industry is well-known for exploiting employees, increasing carbon emissions, embracing toxic textile production, excessively consuming water, and filling up landfills. Unfortunately, low-cost clothing isn’t only bad for the planet, but it is possible it is a product of unregulated, cheap child labour. 

For the above reasons, you must be more mindful of the clothes you buy. Instead, focus on buying higher quality items from ethical brands, as they will last longer and be made sustainably. Also, you could purchase second-hand clothing to reduce the amount of clothing entering landfill.

Spend Your Money Wisely

Unfortunately, we live in a world of mass consumerism, as many people will experience a buzz of excitement when buying something new. The downside is people’s desire to own more belongings, which has led to an increased demand for raw materials, such as water, metals, and oils. Also, it is causing rubbish to accumulate in landfills, city streets, and oceans, with the latter posing a risk to ocean life.

For this reason, you must stop wasting money on items you don’t need and attempt to spend it more wisely. For instance, you could save for a rainy day, fund your education, or make various home improvements.

Also, you could donate money to a worthy charitable organisation, such as Macmillan, and you will feel good knowing the funds will help people living with cancer. Macmillan offer a free will service, too, which will provide peace of mind that your assets will be divided between the people and/or causes that matter most to you.

Choose Higher Quality Food

The food you consume might be contributing to climate change. For instance, it might shock you to discover that dairy and meat production are responsible for 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Incorporate as much organic produce into your diet as possible, as it will protect against climate change while decreasing exposure to various petrochemicals. Buy more local, seasonal produce from a nearby fresh produce market or a local farm. Also, look for foods grown in the UK when visiting a supermarket, as it will reduce carbon emissions, support the local community, and help you enjoy tastier meals and snacks.

Reduce Plastic Pollution

Plastic pollution is a huge problem for the planet. It is likely impossible to walk through your city’s streets or across a local beach without spotting a plastic bottle, an empty crisp packet, or an unloved shopping bag.

Some forms of plastic are invisible, too, and will wash into the sea before entering the stomachs of various sea life. For this reason, you must attempt to lower your reliance on plastic and recycle regularly to reduce plastic pollution.

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