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I’m absolutely hopeless at visualising things that I can’t see right in front of my face and really need a helping hand when it comes to thinking creatively. My go-to standards have been magazines like Ideal Home and Living Etc but recently my reference website has been, who launched their UK version after the popularity of the original US website.

I’d already looked at the US website several times but of course with the acres of space US houses have as well as their style and layout, it’s not always compatible to UK living and options. I was thrilled when I discovered the UK version of the website which acts as a community hub for anyone interested in homes, from their own renovating projects to simply looking at pictures to get some ideas. It has 25 million users, you can create a profile and be involved as much or as little as you wish.

My favourite article which was published recently was specifically all about falling in love with your 1930s semi – with most people seeing period properties as meaning Victorian or Edwardian (admittedly I too did have my heart set on a Victorian house when we first started looking), this era often gets overlooked. But let’s face it, these houses have now been standing for almost a century, not to be dismissed.

Plus as it turned out from all of us who were commenting on the article, we love our big rooms and light-filled houses which can be harder to find in both older and newer houses. You can see the ideas book for the article here:

What era is your home from? Did you have a particular period you were looking for? What tips do you have for making the best of where you live?

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