If I Could…

Earlier this week lovely Lizzie at Marmelade Pie tagged me to join in with “If I Could…” which is so very kind. You can read Lizzie’s ideas on her post here.

So without further ado!

If I could live anywhere

This I can answer in less than a second – New York. A big city girl at heart, only New York could ever rival London in my affections. There’s a teeny part of me that would secretly love it if OH somehow wangled a job transfer there for a couple of years

If I could have any home

Hm, tricky. Well aside from the one we have which I love I’m going to be sneaky and pick two (pending my Euromillions lottery win of course) – I do love the idea of a big country pile simply because they were so well built and I totally need one of those places where you push a bookcase and disappear down a secret corridor. Although this would do my zany imagination no good at all. To go with it, of course a plush central city penthouse.

If I could have any garden

Something big enough to keep chickens, ducks and goats. In fact for the first two, it doesn’t necessarily need to be that big but it does need to be more rural than the one I currently have as we probably already have enough space for chickens. My brother and his partner live on a really old estate in Rutland and have chickens and ducks.



If I could be on holiday right now

This is such an unfair question since I’m an Aquarius through and through and a true Aquarian knows that the first thing she’d rescue in case of a fire is her passport! But if I really had to pick, anywhere tropical with a comfortable sun lounger, 35 degrees and a cocktail in hand.

If I could have any job

Another easy question – running a donkey sanctuary. I have a passion for lifes underdogs and silly donkeys get no love. I’ve wanted to run a donkey sanctuary for as long as I can remember but just not ready to give up the Big Smoke yet.

If I could have any talent

I WISH to be more creative. I can’t draw, sew, style, create recipes, do proper grown up makeup, put together a brilliant outfit. Being creative to me is a talent.

If I could live any day again

This is a tricky one. Probably a day on our first holiday together 10 years ago (incidentally to NYC) when I realised that Pete was the person I wanted to marry. That was a good day. If I relived it I’d change my mind (kidding!)

If I could have any superpower

Definitely flying. Living in London and being able to fly would have major advantages

Thanks so much Lizzie for the nomination – if anyone would like to join in then please tag me on Twitter if you do a post or leave a comment with your link so I can have a read! X

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  1. August 8, 2015 / 6:23 pm

    Great choices! I would love to have some space for chickens too – they’d be space now but I don’t want them taking over the garden! I would love to go to New York – or, in fact, America in general as I’ve never been x

    • Lins
      August 9, 2015 / 9:32 pm

      I have no idea what Maddie would make of chickens but I’m sure she’d adjust! Ahh I LOVE New York, it feels like a second home. I used to live in the US so for all it’s faults I do have a soft spot Xx

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