How To Get A Better Night’s Sleep with TEMPUR®

Bedroom scene featuring TEMPUR® Comfort Original Pillow

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“I think I’ll sleep like a baby”

“I slept like a log”

“Sleep tight like a bug in a rug” (or as my Zimbabwean friend says “sleep tight like a bug in dung” and I much prefer his version!)

I could go on because there are endless amounts of phrases or sayings about sleep and more often than not, we’re dismissive or jokey when it comes to getting that shut-eye. Is it an inconvenience? Are there are million and one things we’d rather be doing instead?

The truth is though that sleep is absolutely vital to being able to function properly and it’s something we spend approximately 1/3 of our lives doing. Doesn’t it make more sense to prioritise it and make sure we’re giving ourselves the very best chance of having a good night’s sleep, every night? A lack of sleep affects not only our physical health but also our mental health – brain fog, irritability, anxiety, stress.

Having previously suffered with insomnia when I first moved to London in my early 20s, and now having a chronic illness where fatigue is one of the day-to-day side effects even when my condition is stable, I definitely appreciate the value of rest.

So what does sleep as self-care look like? It’s about creating the right environment to get the most benefit – everything from the duvet and pillow you use, good quality bedlinen, to making sure you have ventilation, a calm space, blocking out light and noise if it will disturb you. Although I haven’t yet mastered the no screens before bed, big fail there…!

Our bedroom is still on the list for future renovations but we are very fortunate that the previous owners completed a loft conversion. It’s a light and airy room with windows on both sides, but tucked away from the rest of the house so I can sleep undisturbed if Pete works late. Blackout blinds are a must because of all the windows, especially at this time of year – between the birds and the early mornings it’s hard to sleep in!

We’ve also learned the hard way the importance of investing in good quality bedding. I spend a lot of time in bed in the colder months or when I go into flare and so it’s paramount to have a mattress and pillows which are comfortable, provide the correct support and most importantly won’t cause any physical discomfort.

At the moment I’m trialling the TEMPUR® Comfort Pillow Original and oh my, it’s very comfortable. I LOVE pillows, I’ve always been a two big pillow kinda girl (and often struggle in hotels when you end up with something that feels like its been stuffed with old tights) and take great joy into snuggling down into them.

This pillow is the same size as a regular pillow so fits ordinary bedding and comes with its own unzippable dual-sided cover which can be washed at temperatures up to 60 degrees. The most noticeable difference for me is the weight, it’s heavier but as a result I’ve already noticed how much more supportive it is especially if I’m propped up to watch my iPad or use my laptop (see what I mean about not mastering no screens in the bedroom!).

One of the clever things about the TEMPUR® pillows is that they recommend different ones depending on which position you typically sleep in (and you can also trial it for 30 days to see how you get on, comfort is subjective after all!) The TEMPUR® Comfort Pillow Original is designed for any position, but where I normally sleep on my left hand side, they also offer a side sleeper pillow. The key is a quick “fluff and puff” and then off you drift into the dreamiest slumber.

My final tips for a self-care sleep space would be:

-De-clutter: if you have clothes on the floor, piles of things everywhere, it will affect your sleep quality even if only on a subconscious level

-Greenery: plants truly are miracle workers and one of the best places to keep houseplants should be your bedroom. They are fabulous natural air purifiers, after all who wants to be breathing in nasties whilst we sleep?

-Scent: I’m a sucker for a candle or room spray. Calming, relaxing fragrances all help with that feeling of luxury sleeping, every day.

After all, don’t we deserve the best? Don’t think of your bedroom as the place to collapse into after the end of a long day, prioritise it as one of the most important rooms in your home and you’ll definitely see the benefits

*This post is in collaboration with TEMPUR®, but all words, images and opinions are my own unless otherwise stated*

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