How To Clean Your Mattress

We know that the mattress is one of the most important things when it comes to our sleep – but one thing that passes most people by is the fact that the mattress needs to be deeply cleaned. Since they always have sheets on, often they aren’t considered to be dirty or messy. But sheets are a small barrier between body fluids, sweat, and dead skin cells – which easily make their way to the mattress and stay there.

So, how can you clean your mattress? 

It goes without saying that you’ll need to strip the mattress of toppers, sheets, bedding, and all covers. If you don’t usually do these on a 90-degree or above wash, now is a good time to do it. Using hot water is a great way to get rid of dust, debris, and more – but you’ll likely need to call an expert in bed bug control if you think there is more to the situation. 


Crank your vacuum up to full, and start going hard on the mattress. Use the upholstery attachment as they are designed to agitate the fabric in just the right way. Remember that the mattress has more than a few crevices, and you’re going to need to work your way into them. 

Stain remover

There are a couple of chemical-based stain removers on the market, and they use oxygenation to lift the stains out of the mattress. It is vital that you never soak the mattress or add too much liquid to the mattress because it tends to soak into the fabric.

For a more natural approach, many people like to use bicarbonate of soda and vinegar. The bicarbonate of soda helps to neutralize the smell, and with a light spritz of vinegar, the bubbles can help break down stains on the fabric. 

Only use spot cleaning and never more than you need. 


If it is possible, and for many people, it isn’t, sitting on your mattress in the fresh air or in the sun for a few hours. The next best thing is to dust the entire mattress with bicarbonate soda and leave it overnight. Not only will it absorb any moisture, but it will eliminate smells from the whole mattress. 

After this has rested overnight (or at least a few hours), it is time to vacuum it again to remove the bicarb. 

Flip it 

Many modern mattresses are designed without the ability to flip them because the materials are different on the top and bottom. Some mattresses require you to flip them every six months; others only need to be turned 180 to prevent sagging and dips when you sleep in the same place night after night. Check the instructions so you know what your mattress needs. 

Mattress protector 

If you don’t already have a mattress topper or protector, after a deep cleaning, it is a great idea to add one. You’ll still need to clean it every once in a while, but a topper will prevent any serious stains. 

A deep clean on the mattress can be the start of a nice bedroom refresh.

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