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When Pete and I first got together, his love language was buying me fancy chocolates, especially Godiva ones. In the end I said to him that I’m a bit basic and all he needed to do was keep me well stocked with a plain bar of milk chocolate and jobs a good’un.

There’s no two ways about it – I’m a chocaholic and eat chocolate every day without fail. I rarely have fizzy drinks or any other kind of sweets but chocolate in all forms is my absolute essential. I also think chocolates make an excellent gift for anyone who has a sweet tooth especially given how many varieties are available now from cheap and cheerful to the connoisseur who can sniff out specialist cocoa at 20 paces.

Types Of Chocolate

Did you know that there are considered to be 5 types of chocolate? I’m fairly certain that most of us could name three (milk, dark and white) but did you know there is also semi-sweet chocolate and bittersweet chocolate?

When I was vegan I tried very hard to get on board with dark chocolate and bittersweet but in 5 years I never found anything that compared to the good stuff – milk.

If it’s something you’re really into, a bit like people who really know their wine, then speaking to experts can help you make the right decision on choosing a gift. Chocolate gifts delivery in Dubai is a great place to start when abroad to help you find the perfect treat for any occasion.

In terms of types of chocolate, white chocolate is made entirely without cocoa solids but still provides a creamy sweetness paired with hints of vanilla and caramel.

Milk chocolate has more sugar than cocoa solids, making it one of the sweeter options; it also tends to contain dairy products such as whole milk powder, which enhances its creaminess. 

Semi-Sweet Chocolate possesses higher amounts of cocoa solids than milk chocolates but still maintains a hint of sweetness due to its smaller amount of sugar than other confectionary treats.

Bittersweet chocolate is not for everyone because of its high concentration of cocoa solids and lack of added sugars. However, this makes for an extremely robust taste experience!

It’s not just the type of chocolate however to consider, but also the featured ingredients – good quality chocolate (and therefore likely to be more expensive) will typically include better ingredients.

Quality Of Ingredients

It’s important to look for high-quality organic cocoa and certified organic and fair trade products to ensure your gift is made from ethically sourced ingredients. 

Additionally, artisanal chocolates can be a great option due to their unique flavour profiles created by blending unique ingredients.

When shopping for chocolates to gift, always check the label for information about where the product was manufactured and its list of ingredients.

Reputable brands use only premium-grade components and won’t include artificial flavouring or preservatives. You should also look out for natural flavours such as vanilla, nuts, spices, and fruits, which all add complexity and depth when combined with high-quality cocoa.

Reputable Brands

Gifting chocolate is a decadent experience and many people seek to utilise recognised and reputable brands. Artisanal chocolates crafted with luxury ingredients such as fair-trade cacao beans and organic cocoa butter can be found in well-known European manufacturers. Dark chocolate bars made from sustainably sourced premium cocoa offer intense flavour notes that elevate any occasion.

It’s worth looking to boutique artisans specialising in handcrafted truffles and ganaches using only natural flavours and spices. 

These specialty chocolates combine high-quality ingredients with masterful techniques to create luxurious treats that will impress even the most discerning recipient.

Most importantly though – what about the flavours?

Variety Of Flavours

Most of us will look for some sort of variety box when gifting chocolates. As above, everything from white chocolate all the way through to bittersweet and are they filled with a fruit cream or caramel? Do they feature nuts as it’s worth to pay attention to that in case of allergies.

It’s always so interesting to explore what different people like, even in a most basic variety pack. Some people will always immediately reach for the nut varieties or coffee (which is just wrong in my opinion) whereas others will prefer the fruit variety. I am quite partial to a strawberry or orange cream along with anything vaguely caramel – the sweeter the better!

Packaging Considerations

After thinking about the variety of flavours, it’s just as important to think how the chocolates will be presented. Will it be a cellophane bag with a ribbon for a small amount or a beautifully decorated cardboard box?

Personalised labels are always a nice touch—they add a certain level of thoughtfulness and care that will bring the recipient joy. Colour coordination also plays a role in making your chocolate selection look beautiful; choose colours that complement each other nicely and will make your gift look visually appealing.

In addition to aesthetics, remember that some types of packaging may have more practical benefits than others. 

For example, if you plan on having chocolates delivered or shipped, select a package with good insulation properties that keep the treats safe during transit. Furthermore, consider whether additional features, such as airtight lids, might be necessary depending on where you plan to store the chocolates after purchase.

Cost Comparison

Budget is definitely important to consider as my goodness, for something that isn’t going to last forever, chocolates can be incredibly expensive especially artisanal purchases. That said, many more affordable chocolates can still offer an exceptional taste.

Shopping For The Perfect Gift

I think I’ve convinced myself that chocolates really are the perfect gift (as if I needed convincing). From chocolate covered strawberries to the most melt-in-the-mouth smooth truffles, there is always something for everyone that is sure to put a smile on the recipients face.

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