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Our home at the start of #projectselondonhome – thankfully it already looks a bit different!

Back in September, one of my favourite blogs Little House on the Corner set themselves, and their readers if they fancied it, a little challenge to get things done. This is exactly the kind of motivation I need to complete all of those endless projects that we start but that I’m just never able to get over the finishing line on.

The three projects I set myself were:

  1. To clear space on the patio to make room for a place to put our woodstore
  2. To paint the inside of the fireplace which had been only rendered since the logburner was fitted
  3. To repaint the ceiling in our en-suite and fix the blind which would mean that our mini en-suite makeover was finally done

All of these are perfectly manageable bite-sized projects that I could tackle over a weekend or two BUT you know how it is. Something else normally always gets in the way (and if it’s something more fun than home improvements, who am I to say no?)

So how did we get on?

Project no. 1 is now done and you can read about it here. Somehow though we still don’t have the woodstore and at this rate we won’t actually ever light the logburner. This really needs to be on the weekend’s to-do list.

ivy fence

finished fence

Project no. 2 is now also done, thanks to a dedicated weekend about a month ago where I just had enough of looking at a grotty fireplace that made the whole living room feel so much darker. Only time will tell if my paint job stands up to the heat but it’s painted and that’s the main thing. You can read about that here.


finished fireplace

Unfortunately three wasn’t my magic number because we haven’t got any further with our en-suite finishing. I can’t believe this is one of the first rooms we tackled last year and it’s so close to being finished at least on a temporary basis anyway before we turn it into a wet-room which is a more long-term plan.

My new target for completing our mini-makeover is the end of November and I have to get it done by then because my Mum and step-dad are coming to stay the first weekend in December, the pressure is on but with so little left to do surely it’s within reach?

Here’s what it looked like when we moved in


And once we started tidying it up it’s now looking so much better with some paint and regrouting all the tiles. All that’s left is to repaint the ceiling, touch up the woodwork and hang the blind and it will be finished.


Thank you so much to Little House on the Corner for laying down  the gauntlet and challenging us to get things done!

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