Four Amazing Things About North Wales

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Wales is one of the most underrated holiday destination in Western Europe. It is a supremely unassuming country, with stunning landscapes from mountains to beaches, more than 400 castles and the friendliest people.

As an increasing number of us have turned to staycationing in favour of international holidays, more and more of us discover the wonders of Wales in our own time. But what are the most amazing things about Wales, to give you a head-start?

Mount Eryri

Perhaps the single most amazing thing about North Wales is the mountain at its centre: Mount Eryri, once known in English as Mount Snowdon. This mountain forms the focal point of the Eryri National Park, a huge and sublime swathe of mountainous forestry, moors, rivers and glacier lakes.

Many of the static caravans for sale in North Wales behold this edificial wonder directly, or otherwise drink in the atmospheric topography of its brackish surrounds. Hiking up Eryri is a rite of passage, and exploring its foothills a joy.

Conwy Castle

On the north coast of North Wales, you’ll find a very special bay called Conwy Bay. Conwy is an historic coastal town, situated on the south side of the River Conwy estuary; here, you will find one of the most impressive medieval structures in the entirety of Europe, in the form of Conwy Castle.

 Conwy Castle is a medieval structure that still stands today, in spite of being over 700 years old. Not only is it still standing, but it is practically thriving, with extremely well-preserved architecture and internal spaces. Exploring this castle is the closest you will get to travelling back in time.

The Beaches

While on the subject of coastal towns, it would be rude not to acknowledge the incredible beaches littering Wales’ north and west coast.

On the other side of Conwy Bay, you’ll find Llandudno, and a quintessential promenade from which to enjoy the Atlantic Sea. On the west coast, you’ll find Harlech – a highly secluded sandy beach with incredible dunes and even more incredible summer weather.

The Villages

Last but certainly not least, it is impossible to visit North Wales without being completely and utterly charmed by the character of its villages – particularly, the likes of Betws-y-Coed and Portmeirion.

Betws-y-Coed is situated in the Conwy Valley, east of Eryri and due south of Conwy Bay itself; it is one of the most picturesque locations you will ever visit, and is also something of a mecca for sports and adventure tourists – hosting golf courses, mountain biking routes and the longest zip line in Europe.

Portmeirion, meanwhile, is an estuary village residing south of Mount Eryri, and a truly unique place to visit too. A fairly recent construction, Portmeirion was formed over fifty years from 1925 to 1975, modelled after Mediterranean seaside villages; today it is a pop-cultural icon of a village, and a stunning place in which simply to exist.

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