Reno Diaries: Finally…a new kitchen floor

After the post I wrote about our new kitchen floor being fitted, and then the post I wrote about the new kitchen floor not being fitted, I am finally writing a post to say the kitchen floor has very definitely now been fitted!

My last conversation with the company we were using to source and fit the floor for us was left with me saying let’s not book a fitting date in until you have the material in stock, but it was only a couple of days before they called me back to say they had and the fitting was arranged for a week after the original date.



I can’t even try to explain what a huge difference the new lino makes – it’s not the original vinyl tiles we wanted because they would have been stupidly expensive and fiddly for something which is after all, only a temporary measure.

At least the kitchen looks even lighter than it has done since we repainted the dark red walls white and I finally know the floor is clean now as it shows every little paw print of Maddie’s and I can quickly wipe it over.



The fitters have sealed all around the skirting boards which we didn’t have before so years of dirt was ingrained along with dog hairs and they’ve also corrected the backboard under the dishwasher so it no longer catches when you open the dishwasher door.

I love the new floor, the only downside now is it shows up all the grubby cupboards and the woodwork where a certain dog chewed it all when she was little, so I’ve spent parts of the Bank Holiday weekend repainting and scrubbing away and our little kitchen is starting to shine a little bit.

What floor do you have in your kitchen? Have you recently renovated your kitchen or would like to? Leave a comment and let us know.

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  1. lotty
    May 26, 2015 / 4:46 pm

    I’m just about to have a new Kitchen fitted and vinyl is so expensive, so looking for an alternative. I’ll look into this, as it looks really good.

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