Feeding My Furbabies With Canagan


It’s now been nearly 4 months since Boo joined our little family and we’re still so amazed and surprised by how well he has just slotted right in to daily life. Granted, I grew up with dogs and cats so had some expectation of how things might go introducing a little kitten into the mix but the speed with which Boo & Maddie just devoted themselves to each other is possibly unprecedented.

Of course they fight like the proverbial cat and dog but never take it too far. Most of the time though, they are just besotted with each other and if you follow me on Instagram there are plenty of photos of the two of them together (and snaps over on my Instastories). And on a teeny tiny level, just like with children, we now find ourselves trying to consciously treat them both equally – it’s amazing how dogs in particular can feel their noses being pushed out of joint by an interloper.

Very kindly Canagan, who specialise in grain free dog and cat food, got in touch asking if Boo and Maddie would like to try some of their specialist (and in my humble opinion luxury) food and I knew that they’d be delighted – the way to their hearts is through their rather selective stomachs after all! Actually, that’s possibly a little bit unfair – I’m the fussy, selective one preferring only the best for my furbabies and it’s why we don’t buy any mainstream products for them.


We received a lovely hamper with two bags of chicken-flavoured kibble for Maddie since she’s on an exclusive dry-food only diet and some cans of wet food for Boo who eats both wet and dry food depending on his mood. Pete is astonished at the variety of flavours generally available from most brands to cats versus dogs, but I say rightly so..it’s one of the many things that I love about cats, their sense of entitlement really tickles me. Boo had tuna with prawns, tuna with crab and chicken with duck. I rest my case.


I love the fact that Canagan are entirely grain free – there is NO need for dogs and cats to be eating any yet it’s in a surprising amount of food and can cause any manner of ailments from upset stomachs to skin conditions:

Dogs and cats are highly adapted to eat meat. Like all carnivores, they find it more difficult to digest grains. This is highlighted because they don’t have the enzyme called amylase in their saliva, which helps to break down these starchy carbohydrates.

We have eliminated all the grain from our recipe to create a food that is high in meat which matches as closely as possible their natural food.

Grains such as corn, wheat and barley have been linked with canine allergies, with symptoms ranging from upset stomach to itchy flaky coat. Even if your pet has no allergies, these grains are significantly less digestible and have limited nutritional value when compared to meat, yet, they are present in the majority of pet foods.

In addition to the base meats of free-range chicken, Scottish salmon with herring and trout and country game with duck, venison and rabbit, they include ingredients such as sweet potato, seaweed and marigold, cranberry and camomile. It may all sound a little excessive but for me it’s all about what has been proven and researched to be the best for them. I have heard and read that the Queen’s Corgis have been known to enjoy Canagan so if it’s good enough for them, it might be good enough for my two.



There’s no doubt that they enjoyed their new food which in Maddie’s case disappeared in typical dog time of T-10 seconds. Boo, in cat fashion, decided to spread his all over the kitchen floor which I’d just washed and take about half an hour to eat. Either way, it’s a clear winner in our household.



Thank you to Canagan who provided me with a hamper for Boo & Maddie in return for an honest review. All words, opinions and images are my own unless otherwise stated.

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