Delicious Alchemy’s Gluten-Free Nutty Granola


Ah, breakfast. That conundrum of “most important meal of the day” versus “if I don’t leave right now I’m going to miss the train to work”. My breakfasts have been very varied throughout the years – coco pops as an 80’s child; barely microwaved bacon sandwiches or egg mayonnaise sandwiches as a teenager. Followed by years of student wilderness when breakfast stopped being important because you didn’t get up until dinner.

These days as a slightly more responsible adult (how did that even happen?!) I do try to think more carefully about what I eat especially as I’m gluten intolerant which does reduce my options slightly. Toast was missed in the beginning but you know what? It does get easier and you adapt plus there are already more gluten-free choices available than there were even just a couple of years ago and boiled eggs have become a firm favourite.


One of the first brands I came across when starting to look at GF food after being diagnosed last autumn was Delicious Alchemy who patiently fielded a million questions from me as I tried to find my feet and adjust to new eating regimes. They very kindly sent me a Christmas cake mix, cookie mix and Victoria Sponge mix so that I could see for myself that all wasn’t lost and they’ve recently launched a GF Nutty Granola which is VERY exciting. A lovely box of breakfast goodies featuring a bag of Nutty Granola and some Rice Flake Porridge was delivered recently so I could try the granola and well, if I said its all gone already that probably gives you an indication of how good it is.


I’m quite fussy when it comes to granola – the super-seeded versions just aren’t for me despite how healthy they may be. I need oats, yep oats and preferably a little bit of sweet goodness like raisins or other dried fruit. I’m not interested in eating a bowl full of sesame and pumpkin seeds for breakfast, that’s what hamsters do. The Delicious Alchemy version gets the combination just right in my humble opinion – gluten free oats, almonds, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and raisins and it’s incredibly tasty.


It comes in a bag of just over 300g and costs £3 – I’m not sure how many servings it’s meant to contain but me being a greedy piggy got through it in 5 breakfasts, enjoying it with milk or Greek yoghurt and strawberries. It’s also available in some Sainsbury supermarkets so I’d totally recommend picking up a bag for a bit of guilt-free but delicious breakfasty goodness.

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