#DailyDIY: A New Hashtag To Make Things Happen

#DailyDIY Hashtag

I regularly talk on here about my epic procrastination skills which are well and truly next level. I’ve definitely lulled people into a false sense of security with the kitchen makeover but the reality is I just don’t move very quickly. I’m trying my best to combat it and have decided that #DailyDIY is the place to start. A social media hashtag that’s going to make me accountable and get all these little tasks on my never-ending list done.

The trick behind it I’ve realised is always to break things down into smaller chunks. Rather than think about a whole house or even a whole room, taking small individual tasks and just ticking them off the list is so much more manageable. Even then though, I still can go weeks and MONTHS without doing the smallest, simplest things that would take me half an hour and be so worthwhile. Like cleaning the living room windows that I look at every morning when the sun shines in and think how dirty they are. Don’t judge.

I’ve been thinking about a way I can use Instagram especially to make myself more accountable. After all, I know so many people have come to see some fun DIYs and I love getting stuck into new projects. The idea is to use #DailyDIY to encourage me and anyone else who wants to join in to make progress on our homes, however big or small.

It’s a little taboo still to wonder openly about how on earth it is that people can afford to do huge renovations all in one go. Because even if you’re outside London, it’s still not cheap to gut a house in its entirety, move your family out and then move back in 18 months later with it looking absolutely perfect and finished to a high standard. And yes, I AM that nosy person who wonders where the magic money tree comes from. Because Pete and I were on a bloody good joint income before I quit my job and even we couldn’t afford to do multiple crazy projects all at once.

So my aim is to keep trundling along in my lane and show that home updates can be affordable, easy, meaningful and something that most people can tackle without needing a cash injection from a lottery win, inheritance or fabulous incomes. And it doesn’t even need to be actual DIY – the aim is to do a small thing each day which enhances the enjoyment of our homes. It can be having someone else come in to do some work like when we had the patio and drive jetwashed. It can be finally booking that trader in for that work that you’ve been delaying for so long. It can be hanging a picture or painting a whole room. Cleaning out the fridge. Cleaning the windows. Whatever works to get me and anyone else who wants to join in motivated to actually get things done.

Of course it’s not literally going to be #DailyDIY because we all know that life gets in the way. Holidays, kids, work and so on. But with me being self-employed for the time-being, I need something like to make the most of the time I have and to keep me motivated. I’m excited, you never know if I can keep up #DailyDIY I may have the house finished by Christmas… famous last words. Please do come and join in with #DailyDIY, no matter what you’re getting up to I’d love to see. And if you are on Instagram then tag me @linsdrabwellhome and hopefully we can support each other along the way. Ready, steady…GO!

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  1. June 19, 2019 / 11:44 am

    This is such a brilliant idea Lins! I too struggle with seeing the wood for the trees with how much we have to get done, but the truth is, if I just cracked on with the small stuff some of the big stuff would sort itself! So I am going to be joining in for sure as often as I can, though today’s house-sorting mainly involves getting rid of the spare room clutter currently hogging our landing (due to woodworm spraying in the spare room and no floor! These houses eh?!) so my #dailyDIY today is going to be eBaying some stuff and a trip to the charity shop, but it’s all progress, right?!
    I also wonder how people manage to plough through a massive expensive reno all in one go, it is insane! But nobody ever really explains how they do it, but I guess it’s prob hard to just admit, sorry guys, we’re minted! 🙂 xx

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