Celebrating Florals With #SpringSenses in Soho

Funny How Flowers Do That

One evening a couple of weeks ago I made my through the hustle and bustle of rush-hour Oxford Street to Six Storeys in Soho Square. Climbing up and up, away from the noisy streets below, I found myself on the top floor of this beautiful venue to be greeted by the most stunning spring floral displays for a little celebration of this glorious season in conjunction with Funny How Flowers Do That.

Most of us love flowers and they’re represented everywhere – from the trendiest cocktails and Instagram accounts that fill with blossom and wisteria watch at this time of year to our perfumes and crafts. I must admit that nothing beats fresh flowers in the home although with a juvenile cat we have to be very careful what we bring into our home, especially as he seems intent on eating everything in sight.

If you haven’t heard of Funny How Flowers Do That before, well you’re not alone as neither had I. Yet they’re part of an initiative of The Flower Council of Holland covering everything from floral fashion to DIY tips and encouraging us to harness the benefits of flowers in a variety of ways. At the event there were several different stations so we could get hands on for an hour or two of floral therapy.

The first activity was to create a beautiful hand-tied bouquet under the guidance of Wild Things who make luxury bouquets from their Mayfair base. Now as some of you may know, creativity is not my strong point and I’m terrible at knowing what to put together (or even the names of any flowers!) but having picked around 15 fresh stems and shown how to arrange them, my bouquet looked rather lovely. It’s been taking pride of place above the dining room fireplace since that’s just about of the cat’s reach, what do you think?

Floral Bouquet from Wild Things

Next up was the opportunity to discover my personal scent palate with Experimental Perfume Club which was absolutely fascinating. We had to sniff 10 test papers all of which had a floral aroma and then write down adjectives to describe how we felt about them. Once I’d been through all 10 fragrances it was very clear where my preferences lay. Emmanuelle talked me through the fragrance grouping and said it was rare for people to like scents from opposite sides of the spectrum. My favourites were all very clean, fresh, citrus smells as opposed to heavy dense musky or woody ones which makes absolute sense if I think about the type of perfume I prefer to wear.

Experimental Perfume Club

Last but by no means least, I tried my hand at crafting using pressed flowers with JamJar Flowers based in my neck of the woods, SE London. With a choice of either an iphone case or a pretty vintage-style frame I thought it might be nice to keep a memento of the day to hang somewhere in the house and filled mine with small yellow and blue flowers. Again, arrangement is not my strong point but it was so therapeutic and definitely gave the aura of a mindfulness activity. Within minutes of starting I’d forgotten about everything else other than which colours and where to put my flowers.

If you’re feeling inspired or just love flowers, do check out Funny How Flowers Do That. Perfect ideas for some Easter weekend fun!

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