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With the amount of interiors and renovation accounts I follow on Instagram, it’s always so inspiring to see how people tackle their own home projects and just how much of a revolution there is going on in the world of home improvement at the moment. It feels like we want so much more and whereas large scale renovation projects would have been tackled primarily by builders and architects in days gone by, it seems most of us are happy to have a go at knocking down walls and re-plastering, quibbling over the perfect light fitting or skirting boards.

To help us on our DIY journeys, bespoke interior solutions are paving the way, perfect for both new builds or if like us you have an older house with slightly crooked walls and slightly sloping floors. One such company is Conti@Home, based in North Devon and manufacturing ContiBoard which has been the original and leading brand for decorative faced cut and edged panels for over 40 years. Here’s what they say about their versatility:

“ContiBoard is still providing a versatile solution for shelving, storage and bespoke furniture. It’s also the number one choice for both experienced and first time DIYers. This is because there really is no limit to ContiBoard’s versatility in meeting your storage and furniture needs, Conti’s uses can stretch as far as your imagination can. From a humble shelf to complex internal storage, or perhaps a sliding wardrobe or a bookshelf to fill that awkward alcove”.


It feels like our home is full of such spaces. In one of our spare bedrooms we want to fit cupboards either side of the chimney breast (sadly the fireplace has been long since filled in and I can’t convince Pete to block it) to house his epic CD collection. We also want floating shelves in one alcove of our living room as well as a master bedroom revamp to make better use of the space and install fitted wardrobes. Last but by no means, we have a simple bookcase that has come with us from a previous home which currently sits in the dining room but is way too small for the space.

Conti@Home contacted me asking if I’d like to complete a challenge using their products to create a bespoke storage solution for a home but as we’re still at the point of sorting out replastering, floors and ceilings, we’re not quite ready for storage yet. I do love the idea of their new bookcase range though which comes in five gorgeous colours and twelve different sizes, even with our haphazard room sizes we’d most likely be able to find the solution for our needs.


The bookcases are delivered flatpack with pre-inserted fittings but there is also the possibility to have additional shelving by liaising with Conti directly. They also don’t want to be defined by just providing bookcases either – get creative with the storage and use it to display your favourite holiday photos or even pairs of shoes (fashion bloggers, I’m looking at you.) Right now, the main purpose of our bookcase is to provide an escape route for Boo as he clambers up the shelves when Maddie gets too much for him.

I’m full of admiration for anyone who tackles projects themselves but also the companies who continue to evolve and provide us amateurs with options that mean we can tackle everything from putting up a shelf to a full-blown understairs cupboard. If only there were more hours in the day…

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