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Barking Rad Box

Ever since we got Maddie and I’ve been blogging more regularly, I just knew an opportunity to put her centre stage was right around the corner – after all, if you follow me on Instagram you’ll know just how much I adore her and how incredibly photogenic she is.

Step forward Barking Rad (best name ever right?), a monthly subscription box just for doggies! In fact, so canine focused are they that their tagline is “Not For Pussies” *sniggers*.

Launched in the UK in August, Barking Rad offer a subscription box with a high quality mix of trendy dog toys, homemade dog treats, dog grooming products and dog accessories for all hounds. We were delighted when they asked us if Maddie would like to sample one of their boxes and received a lovely collection of goodies through the post.

Mexican Maddie

The boxes cost £24.95 a month, and there are 3 choices – The Original, which we received, The Foodie One and the One for Allergies. Our box included:

  • A bag of Sunday Roast gourmet treats from Harry’s Treats
  • A dog donuts from Arton & Co
  • A bottle of beef-flavoured gravy from Barkers Brew
  • A handmade corduroy moustache from My Person Loves Me
  • A tin of skin and paw salve from Coconut Blush

I have to say that we are quite fussy about the toys and treats we give the dog, especially after a few mistakes early on – plastic toys that she chewed to pieces and swallowed most of the small parts, a squeaky duck that she tore to pieces within about half an hour only to find that the stuffing inside was encased in a plastic bag that we just managed to stop her from swallowing and numerous crappy treats that were no good for her.

Barkers Brew

You do tend to get two pet owning camps – those that say dogs should be eating what they’ve always eaten and those that acknowledge that similarly to humans, dogs have evolved and so eating raw meat and bones isn’t necessarily good for them. We give Maddie a dry food diet and she’s sleek, healthy, full of energy and the perfect weight so we’re not about to make any changes.

Over the past couple of months, we’ve thoroughly road tested the entire contents of our doggy subscription box (aside from the salve, only because we haven’t had cause to use it) and it’s a resounding success all round.

Arton & Co

The treats from Harry’s Treats are substantial and contain no artificial colourings or preservatives, handmade in Edinburgh. Maddie loves them and we tend to find that one is enough for the equivalent of about 3 normal dog biscuits.

Harry's Treats

It took us a few days to get through the dog donut from Arton  & Co, not because it wasn’t good but it was so big for a medium sized dog so we gave her chunks of it in about 4 gos, again great value for money. Made in Preston, they are vegetarian but that didn’t stop her wolfing it down and all natural ingredients.

Arton & Co

Barkers Brew went down for the dog as well as a bottle of beer goes down for me! We experimented with adding a little to her dried food, as well as giving her some “neat”, if she’d had her way she absolutely would have downed it.

Barkers Brew


I think the overwhelming favourite from the box however was definitely the moustache from My Person Loves Me. I was a little dubious as to how well it would hold up because she really loves her toys and is an extremely high energy dog – for at least two hours every evening they all get a good thrashing as she chases things round the house, growling, chewing, biting to her heart’s content. Despite that, even after a couple of months, the moustache is still going strong with not so much as a loose thread of tear, an absolute triumph.

My Person Loves Me


As well as the boxes, Barking Rad have a whole host of other fabulous products available via their online store, including collars and leads, and coming soon doggy teepees! Every single item stocked in their boxes or shop is exclusively handmade in the UK by an independent crafter or business, so as a customer we can trace the items straight back to the crafter’s hands.

For us, Barking Rad are doing everything right – a well-priced subscription box containing only the highest quality products, because we all love to pamper our four-legged friends. Why not check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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  1. Lucy
    October 26, 2015 / 1:32 pm

    So sorry I’ve fallen a little behind with your posts – the new site layout is awesome, very impressive! What a great range of products you get with the subscription, the doggy beer made me smile! I think the moustache is my favourite though, such lovely pics of her playing with it. I’ll have to research if there’s anything similar available for cats! x

    • Lins
      October 26, 2015 / 3:03 pm

      Haha yes, that moustache is still going strong despite her best efforts! X

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