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It feels like a hot minute (no pun intended) since we last encountered anything vaguely resembling refreshing air for most of the country, doesn’t it? In fact here in southeast London I’m not entirely sure it’s rained at all since some time in May! We’re lucky to be able to throw open our windows and doors for some relief but when you live on the outskirts of a large city it’s not always the best air that’s circulating through our home.

As many of us are still now spending more time at home than we ever used to, looking more closely at how we live, use our spaces and what we can do to improve home life has never been more important. Many of us are conscious about trying to reduce the amount of chemicals we use for a relatively straight-forward win but what about the effects of pollution from city living and a love of pets?

Pete and I have previously spoken about investing in an air filter – he especially suffers from hay fever and we think is a little bit allergic to the cat. We have a lot of house plants throughout most rooms in the house which act as a great way of absorbing some air borne pollutants but there’s always room for improvement. Each time we’ve looked at air filters, either they seem too bulky to be easily moved from room to room, very noisy and let’s face it, not particularly aesthetically pleasing either (if you’re a fussy bunny like me!)

Thankfully there IS a fabulous product on the market which solves allll of the above issues and so many more as well – step forward Briiv.

What On Earth Is Briiv?

I’m delighted to tell you more. Designed and made here in the UK, Briiv is the most sustainable and natural air filter on Earth, using 90% natural and renewable materials. One hour of the Briiv does as much for the air in our homes as 3,043 houseplants (and as much as I’d love that many houseplants, Pete would definitely divorce me and I think I’d run out of time to look after them all!) and it’s also low energy. It has a bio-degradable filter which is actually moss (mind blown) and it even LOOKS beautiful – quite possibly one of the most delightful pieces of technology I’ve seen.

So What Makes It Sustainable?

We’re quick to make ourselves feel better when we used products which are considered good for the environment, right? But what about how those products are made, or their life span, or what happens to them once they reach the end of their life?

For example, did you know that in 2019, 15,000,000 (yes 15 million) air filters were purchased in 2019, each of which should really be replaced every 6-8 months. Now imagine that converted into landfill, it equates to 6,000 tonnes of plastic, which if you can’t visualise is basically the equivalent of 50 London double-decker buses. That’s a lot just for air filters.

Briiv uses three fully biodegradable filters and uses the natural micro-structures of moss, coconut, carbon and silk to filter air, the way nature intended. Whilst the filter needs replacing just like any other over time, it’s moss so can be popped in the garden or on a compost bin to breakdown. Definitely better than those plastic filters.

In terms of the actual vessel itself, Briiv is made using a new bio-plastic derived from elephant grass, grown where normal crops can’t be and in turn releases carbon back into the atmosphere. Yes, a component of it is also glass but that is readily recycled. Product packaging is all cardboard, so from end to end this is technology that really has considered every element of the production process.

Why Care About Air?

You may be thinking that it sounds like a fantastic product (because it is), but does it really impact you and the reality is yes, absolutely. Of course, if you live in the countryside, you’ll certainly benefit from significantly better air quality and as mentioned before we’re all aware of things like hay fever and pollution from traffic.

Unfortunately some of the things we don’t consider – our pets, burning candles, and even cooking food can also cause less than ideal air in our homes. Factor in older houses that may have used lead paint for example, and the chemicals that can emerge from renovations and it’s no surprise that 7 million people die prematurely every year from air pollution.

Is It Easy To Use?

Yes, it couldn’t be easier – as much as I get quite stubborn with technology and refuse to be beaten, there’s nothing I love more than something that works and doesn’t require 348760746 hours to set up. Simply fit it together, plug it in (either via regular plug or USB) and away you go. You can download an app to accompany the Briiv and activate using your smartphone, but this isn’t essential for use.

Just one hour in a 36msq room will effectively purify the air, and it’s so compact you can move it from room to room effortlessly. I love to pop mine in the kitchen whilst cooking and then into the bedroom at night.

I hope this has given you a little bit of insight into what a truly fantastic design Briiv is – there is so much more to share which you can find via their website as well as ordering one for yourself if you would like. I’ve been using ours for around a month or so now and it’s such a valuable addition to our home.

Thank you so much to Briiv for providing the opportunity to collaborate. All opinions and images are my own.

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