A Simple Skincare Routine That Works

Is there anything more therapeutic than taking some time to take care of your skin? I’m definitely late to a skincare routine and can’t honestly say it’s very involved but I enjoy it nonetheless.

With so many beauty products available, it can be challenging to understand what each one does and how/when to apply those to your skin for the best results, especially since we all have unique requirements. Establishing an appropriate skincare routine order is essential in understanding our skincare concerns and how to then select the best products. There are also significant benefits to be found in distinguishing between a morning and evening routine.

Daily Skincare Practices Produce Trustworthy Results

Like most things in life, consistency is key (it’s taken me a long time to get this to sink in!) and it’s likely that if you only do something occasionally it won’t lead to the best result. Our skin and body need consistency to adopt gradual changes, just like athletes need to exercise daily and adhere to strict routines. The same holds for losing weight, learning to swim, or developing a new hobby. Consistency is essential for a successful skin care regimen.

The Fundamentals Of Any Skincare Routine

While some people find the order of applying skincare products essential, skincare experts advise it’s more crucial to consider how long your skin takes to absorb a product. We can often rush through our daily routines, especially in the morning and it can be challenging to take the time to apply multiple products. Keep your skincare routine straightforward by using only one product at a time.

Most importantly though, remember to pay attention to your skin as we mentioned at the start. Your skin is unique and whilst experts can provide guidance, it’s always best practice to pay attention to what works best for you, and be gentle with your skin. It’s never worth settling on a routine that doesn’t work simply because someone else says it should.

Why Layering Skin Care Products and Sequence Is Important

So, which product comes first? A simple rule of thumb to remember is to apply products from thinnest to thickest, ie from liquid to cream. Overall, think thin-to-thick, but you will also want to start with product lines that must penetrate the skin (such as antioxidant properties in serums) and finish with product lines that have to sit on the skin’s surface (like emollients as well as humectants through to moisturisers).

Morning Skincare Routine

The morning skincare routine should focus on protecting yourself from sun, pollution, and the elements, so save your peel pads and treatment products such as retinol for the evening.

Use a cleanser – Begin a morning routine by splashing warm water on your face or, if necessary, washing with a gentle facial cleanser intended for your skin type.

Apply a toner – Toners are often a controversial option and some people prefer to avoid toners, partially because there is a persistent belief that most of them are harsh and cause skin irritation. Fortunately, that is no longer the case. Since they do not physically “shrink” pores, this new generation of toners can function as a delivery system for antioxidant properties, vitamin-B derivative products, and sometimes even toning acids. Furthermore, each toner is designed for a specific skin issue so there is something suitable for every skin concern.

However, if this is the first time you’ve used a toner and your skin appears healthy, it’s not necessary to start now. Toners have always been designed to restore the skin’s pH after it has become too imbalanced due to harsh soaps. Face cleansers have become so well-balanced that toners are no longer necessary. That being said, if you are already a toner convert and like it, there is no harm in adhering to it.

Use an antioxidant serum – Serums are highly concentrated, nutrient-dense treatment options that target specific issues. Antioxidant serums for the daylight hours provide various benefits ranging from blunting your natural skin inflammatory reaction to neutralizing harm from UV rays and environmental pollutants.

Apply eye cream then moisturiser –

Using an eye cream at least once a day is recommended, if not two times a day, beginning in your twenties. The skin around the eye is particularly delicate and regular moisturisers can often be too dense for this area. Use gentle motion to apply your eye cream and consider cooling products as well to reduce inflammation.

Consistency is essential for the best results. Over time, frequent use of eye cream will maintain the eyelid skin elasticity and can improve or inhibit some fine lines or collagen damage. You can further prevent the gentle skin around the eyes becoming damaged by using a sun protection factor face cream or sunscreen daily. It’s also important to wear sunglasses outside on bright days to defend against UV-light damage and lines that can form around the edges of their eyes from sun glare.

Evening Skincare Routine

Because your skin naturally restores itself at night, your nighttime regimen should focus on treatment and providing your skin with what it requires.

Makeup remover – I use a chamomile cleansing balm and it’s amazing at removing makeup, even stubborn mascara, whilst also being calming and kind to skin.

Cleanser – Cleansing will act as a secondary grime and makeup remover, as well as taking off the makeup remover itself. Try a hot cloth cleanse which helps to refine pores and can leave skin feeling completely clean.

Specific Treatment – If you have any particular skin complaints to address, now is the time. Anti-inflammatory and drying treatments can be used to effectively treat breakouts at night.

Sleeping mask or night cream – As we sleep, skin is healing and replenishing. This is when it’s ideal to use a thicker cream than you would during the day which can aid in this process.

I’m definitely becoming increasingly aware of the importance of looking after my skin as I navigate life in my 40s and whilst I wish I had started earlier, it’s a case of better late than never for sure. Don’t forget also that there are so many other factors too, such as exercise, lifestyle, getting enough sleep and drinking water which can have a big impact too. When it comes to looking younger and fabulous, skincare is definitely an important factor but it’s not the only one. Choosing the right eyebrow shape for your face can completely transform your look and give you that extra confidence boost. It can be overwhelming trying to figure out which shape works best for you but fear not, Lilac St. has got you covered with their handy guide. Thin eyebrows? No problem. You can learn more about thin eyebrow style in this guide by Lilac St. You’ll find all the tips and tricks you need to achieve the perfect eyebrow shape and complete your youthful glow. Don’t forget about the importance of a flattering hairstyle and a polished manicure. With these simple steps, you’ll be turning heads and radiating beauty every day.

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