A Mindfully Positive 2020 (and plans for turning 4-0!)

Well here we are. A brand new decade and for me, just 16 days away from my 40th birthday. 40! How did that happen when I don’t feel a day over 29? It’s kind of a genuine question because my 30th birthday where I made all my nearest and dearest dress up for an 80s-themed shindig does NOT feel like it was 10 years ago. Life can really be blink and you miss it, can’t it?

I’m definitely happy to be here, looking forward and not back. 2017 was far and away one of the best years of my life but I don’t want to give 2018 and 2019 another moment’s thought so I’m drawing the line here and now. Only looking to the future, since we can’t change the past. And although I’m a bit more bruised and battle-worn now than I was a couple of years ago, I refuse to give up on positivity.

So what AM I looking forward to? Less house DIY and more Lins DIY for starters! It’s funny, originally this post was going to be all about why I’m breaking up with Instagram. Taking a two week break over Christmas and New Year was the BEST thing I could have done and has really helped me focus on what I enjoy, think about a strategy for this year and also looking after me. As I said to someone at the end of last year, I’d become so focused on trying to be authentic for everyone else that I’d totally stopped asking myself if I really enjoyed what I was doing. The answer would have been no.

I’m definitely NOT breaking up with Instagram, I love it too much but there will be a shift in what I’m sharing and whilst I know it will result in lower engagement and probably losing followers, in time hopefully other people will find me who enjoy it. Still a home focus (always!) but the truth is I’ve pretty much run out of spaces that I can do budget makeovers on, those rooms that are left need big £££ investment and we don’t have that right now.

Instead, it will be more geared towards positivity in general – yes, perhaps inspiring someone to try a bit of DIY but also maybe inspiring someone to try a plant-based dinner, or inspiring someone else to go for a 20 minute walk. I was thinking about all the DMs I received on Instagram over the past year and DIY aside, the general consensus was that people love my general positive, upbeat nature and that’s definitely the me I want to get back for this year.

There’s so much to look forward to, too. Starting with a very exciting little solo holiday for me in a couple of weeks to celebrate the big 4-0. I’m not going to share where on here or Instagram just yet (although if you follow me on Twitter or are friends with me on Facebook you’ll know where I’m off to!) but I can’t WAIT. And no, we’re not getting divorced just because I’m going on holiday by myself 😉 Pete didn’t know what to get me as a meaningful present, I wanted to go away but it’s not the best time of year for him to take off work so voila.

We’ve also got a MEGA year of music adventures planned, and have tickets to see everyone from Marc Almond to Aerosmith with Nick Cave, Pet Shop Boys, Killers, Green Day AND Guns n Roses thrown in to the mix. This is what I want my 40th year to be about. Experiences, living a little more, making the most of each day because you just never know when it could all change. Less than a year ago I was staring down the barrel of a possible bowel cancer diagnosis. Thank goodness it wasn’t, but I am still incurably ill and for a lot of months last year I wondered if I’d ever get any kind of normal life back. This year, I don’t want to wonder, I want to do. 

Who knows what else the year holds in store? I’ve learned the hard way that it’s best not to try and predict. I want it to be filled with love, laughter, less worry, more inspiration, more friendships, more celebrations. I’m hoping for more time out of the house than in it this year, taking my laptop to work nomadically until whenever it is I head back to “traditional” work (yes, it’s going to happen but I’ll save that for another post). More getting out there, more walks, more exercise.

When I am at home, I want to enjoy the space we have rather than constantly feeling dissatisfied and that it all needs changing. Home renovations are a marathon not a sprint and I spent too much of last year working on one project but already thinking about the next one. More cooking, more looking after my rapidly expanding planty jungle, more baths, more Netflix, more reading. Living with intention, focusing on mindful positivity and embracing anything and everything that year 40 has to offer. I wish you a year of kindness, calmness and doing what you need to make you happy.

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