9 Things That Will Enable You To Travel More

If you have been well and truly bitten by the travel bug, you are probably sitting around yearning for the beaches of Thailand or the thermal spas of Iceland, and wondering how you can fit even more of those trips into your life. Well it is totally possible for many people to travel more, here’s how:

1. Embrace the Dull (But Effective) World of Budgeting

Before you roll your eyes into another dimension, hear me out. Budgeting isn’t just for those who enjoy spreadsheets a bit too much. It’s your ticket to saving up for that trip to Bali or Bognor Regis (hey, no judgement). Skip that daily gourmet coffee and watch your travel fund grow – it’s like magic, but with more caffeine withdrawal.

2. Become a Points Hoarder

Loyalty programs are not just a ploy to get your email address (though, let’s be honest, they totally are). Those points can actually add up to free flights, hotel stays, and more. It’s like playing a very slow and very rewarding video game.

3. The Magic of the Staycation

Explore your own backyard! You’ll be surprised at the gems hidden just around the corner. It’s like being a tourist without the hassle of learning phrases like “I’m allergic to shellfish” in another language.

4. Caravan Capers

Ever considered a caravan? There are so many caravans for sale at reasonable prices, and when you have one, it’s like having a turtle shell, but instead of protecting you from predators, it lets you sleep anywhere. Caravans offer the freedom to roam and the thrill of finding out just how small a space you can comfortably sleep in. It’s also a fantastic way of saving on accommodation costs, especially in expensive locations. Consider Brooklyn Campervans as an excellent way to see New York on a budget!

5. Remote Work: The Digital Nomad Dream

If your job allows for it, then why not join the ranks of digital nomads? When you are able to work from anywhere with Wi-Fi – which these days is pretty much everywhere except that one spot in your living room – then you are free to move around as much as you want, which means you can basically go on permanent vacation, albeit with occasional Zoom calls, and more time at the laptop than your average holiday. But, hey it’s better than nothing right?

6. Short Trips, Big Memories

Don’t underestimate the joy of short trips if you want to travel as much as possible. A weekend getaway can be just as refreshing as a two-week holiday – and a lot easier to fit into your schedule. It’s the travel equivalent of a power nap, and it lets you see more of P`ris or Rome or Berlin, just in bitesize pieces!

7. Travel Off-Peak: Dodge the Crowds (and Prices)

Travel during off-peak times. Not only is it cheaper, but you also avoid the hordes of tourists photobombing your selfies. Enjoy the Mona Lisa without someone’s iPad in your face.

8. The Art of Packing Light

Learn to pack light. It saves you baggage fees and the hassle of lugging around a suitcase the size of a small car. Plus, it’s a great excuse to shop at your destination (purely for essentials, of course).

9. House Sitting or Pet Sitting

Look into house sitting or pet sitting. It’s like getting free accommodation in exchange for watering plants and feeding Mr. Whiskers. Who knew your ability to keep a cactus alive could be so handy?

As you can see, travelling more is definitely within reach if you make it a bigger priority in your life, so what’s stopping you?

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