One Day In Wales: Top 6 Places You Can Visit

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Wales is a country filled with culture, history, beautiful scenery and sport. While it is one of the smaller United Kingdom nations, it makes up for its size through the reputation of welcoming locals and stunning landscapes. There are abundant attractions, so you will always have something to do around every corner – and there are many things you can explore in merely one day. Whether you are an adventure seeker, a history buff, or a nature enthusiast, here are the top places you can visit in Wales.

Snowdonia National Park

If you plan a trip to Wales, we highly recommend flying via private jet charter. Other than privacy, this option offers several other benefits, such as tailor-made services, peace and quiet, and time to unwind in luxury. We have heard that neither words nor pictures can express how breathtaking Snowdonia National Park is, especially with aerial views.  

Located in North Wales, this national park is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. If hiking is your thing, then you simply have to hike up Mount Snowdon. It is the highest peak in all of Wales. But wait, there is more. The Snowdon Mountain Railway is another hiking spot you will love, and you can hike to the summit. We have heard it is so much fun. Note the park caters to everyone, so if hiking is not your thing, you can opt for a stroll in the park to see its waterfalls and lakes.

Conwy Castle

One of our favourite picks — Conwy Castle. This UNESCO World Heritage Site dates back to the 13 Century and is a gem of a highlight. This mediaeval masterpiece is located in the walled town on Conwy. It boasts iconic features such as fortifications, towers, and ramparts that will transport you back in time. You are more than welcome to take a guided tour of the castle. Here you will learn more about it, how it came about, and how it is still standing in 2023. You will also enjoy the panoramic views of the surrounding countryside from the battlements. While the castle is the town’s main feature, be sure to speak to the town’s folk and have a pint or two.  


While Portmeirion may be a Welsh village, it comes packed with Italian charm, which is why it is such a unique place. Found just off the coast of Snowdonia, Portmeirion was designed by architect Sir Clough Williams-Ellis. Its streets are lined with colourful buildings, Mediterranean-style gardens, and spectacular views of the Dwyryd Estuary. Apart from a certain charm, Portmeirion is a special place for several reasons — its extensive woodlands, historic cottages, award-winning restaurants, and spas. However, the village became well-known in the 1960s when it was featured in the cult TV series, The Prisoner — a fact many locals are very proud of.

Cardiff Castle

No matter where you visit the UK, you will find a castle, and Wales has many, which brings us to Cardiff Castle. A more well-known place on our list, but we feel it deserves its spot. If you are fascinated by history, you get to dive deep into over 2000 years worth at this castle. It features Romanesque walls, fairytale towers, and Victorian Gothic interiors. When the Normans first constructed the castle, it was to support the expansion of Wales. Today you can explore the sight as it whisks you away to a long-forgotten time.  

St Fagans National Museum Of History

If you want to learn the nuances of a place, you can’t go wrong visiting its museums. St Fagans is extra special because it’s open air. Here you can see over 40 historic buildings from different periods in Welsh history. There is a mediaeval church, a working farm, and traditional cottages on the site, further adding to its appeal. And in true Welsh fashion, you can get a tour by a costumed tour guide.  

Brecon Beacons National Park

Enchanting, charming, and idyllic are all words that come to mind when you look at Brecon Beacons. Described as a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers, this national park is a natural beauty with many people visiting for stunning views. This national park is so unique because it is diverse and beautiful. It features rolling hills, gorgeous forests, lakes, waterfalls, and caves.  

Wales has charming villages and towns, castles, rolling hills, mountains, and scenic views. It is filled with history, lovely people, and plenty of tantalising things to eat. From gorgeous views of breathtaking national parks to uncovering the quirks and fascinating stories of some of the most popular Welsh towns, there is something for everyone. If you ever find yourself in the region for one day, pick some fantastic places to visit; you won’t regret it.

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