The 6 Best Valentine’s Day Flower Arrangements

Love it or loathe it, it’s that time of year again! But what do we think about flowers as gifts? A small bouquet as a thank you, a lush bouquet with a request for an apology, or a single flower with a strong message – flowers are the most popular choice for almost all occasions. They really come into their own on Valentine’s Day though, where flowers celebrate their day of honour as they perfectly convey the language of love. But in the flower store, the customer is often spoiled for choice because the variants for Valentine’s Day gifts in London are countless.

“Are roses old-fashioned? Which flowers best express my feelings? Does the color of the flower also matter?” I’m definitely not a fan of the traditional roses on Valentines Day, so whether you or aren’t, here are some ideas to help out whether you’re a roses person or prefer something a little more modern.

Long-Stemmed Roses

Roses are one of the most popular flowers for Valentine’s Day in the world. Red roses convey deep emotions – love, longing, or desire. The number of red roses in the bouquet also has a very special meaning and often represents the duration of the relationship. For some, it’s a nice idea to represent with flowers the number of months or years you have been together.

However, the different colours of roses can express different levels of affection:

  • White roses symbolize fidelity and purity and represent a new beginning;
  • Yellow roses bring sunny feelings, and are symbols of friendship and caring;
  • Long-stemmed red roses show true love and deep passion for the person;
  • Pink roses express tender feelings and gratitude;
  • Orange roses remind of a burning flame and are a sign of happiness and cheerfulness in the partnership.

While long-stemmed varieties are pricier they also look stunning and convey much more than a traditional rose.

Purple Orchids

Orchids remind us of the distant lands of their origin and can add an exotic touch to any mixed bouquet for Valentine’s Day. They are particularly beautiful and represent physical pleasure, sensuality, perfect beauty, and devotion. Whoever gives purple orchids for Valentine’s Day wants to express their opinion that the recipient is very special and perfect as the bloom of this flower. Another advantage is that the orchid with some care will continue to come back season after season, lasting like a relationship (hopefully!) does.


Would you rather give something a little more unusual for Valentine’s Day? Sunflowers, for example, stand for warmth and cheerfulness. They are reminiscent of the summer which might be perfect for the middle of winter and will bring a lot of positive emotions to the recipient – I’d love to receive sunflowers instead of roses although be mindful about sustainability since this is not their traditional time of blooming.

Rose Lilies

If you don’t have pets at home, noble lilies are a good alternative to roses on Valentine’s Day and also stand for real, true love. With lilies, the meaning depends mainly on the colour. In red, it can stand for passion, while the white lily symbolizes true love. Yellow expresses envy and resentment, while orange lily expresses disinterest.

If you would like to have the best of the two worlds, there are so-called rose lilies. This hybrid of a lily and a rose looks simply stunning and comes in a variety of colors.

Pink Tulips

Fill my life with tulips please! I absolutely love tulips which symbolize new beginnings and are a perfect choice if you are just starting a new relationship. The darker the color of the tulips in the bouquet, the stronger the affection. According to a Turkish legend, the red tulip represents “perfect and everlasting love”.

Pink tulips are suitable if you just started a relationship and want to convey your desire.

Dried Florals

With a bouquet of dried flowers, you can express the most diverse types of love. Whether romantic, friendly, or family love, dried flowers as a gift idea are always worth considering. Hardly any other bouquet is as suitable for Valentine’s Day as a stylish one of dried flowers.

You can pick variants of the flowers we talked about in this article or unique compositions that can be found in flower shops. And yes, despite being dry, these flowers are full of colour and will lighten up any room, plus again they will last far longer than fresh flowers.

If you’re celebrating tomorrow, wishing you a wonderful time. My husband might get a bit of dry toast if he’s lucky đŸ˜‰

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