Interiors: 5 Walk-In Wardrobe Ideas

Master bedroom Velux

I think I’m fast coming to the conclusion that the real reason we may never finish the house is because we are so good at flitting from one idea to another and getting distracted from finishing whatever project we happen to be working on.

At the moment though we do have a good excuse as we’re waiting for next year to carry on with our bigger (ie more expensive!) house projects and so of course we need to fill our time with lots of ideas for more improvements we want to make!

One of the rooms that keeps popping into our conversation is our bedroom, cosily tucked away on the top floor in a loft conversion that the previous owners had done. The space is fantastic and it keeps lovely warm which is of course a winner with me, but we can’t help think that the room could be better utilised in a more clever and stylish way.

I’m a bit obsessed with still looking at houses for sale in our local area – don’t get me wrong I’m definitely not moving anywhere but our two year fixed rate mortgage comes to an end next year and I’m interested to know what house prices are doing and what properties are going on the market to get an idea of our home’s new potential value for negotiating purposes.

One of the houses round the corner which was on the market had an absolutely beautiful loft conversion where instead of putting the bed under the sloping part of the ceiling like we have, they used that entire area with a partitioned wall as a walk in wardrobe/dressing room and for storage. The rest of the room was then clutter free with the bed and bedside tables and it was just really stunning.

Of course I now have my heart set on revamping our bedroom at some future point and have been scanning Pinterest for ideas. Here are 5 picks in quite different styles:


Not that I have a single pair of shoes worthy of displaying in a glass case but I love this streamlined look. See it here.


This appeals to my quirky side, it’s efficient but also fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously. See it here.


This looks like a fantastic budget option and most closely represents the set up we have with two velux windows in the roof. See it here.


This space is so lovely I’d actually never, ever leave it. See it here.


I LOVE the colour of the woodwork and also the paper at the back of the display shelves. It might be a bit too dark for our loft room but I can dream! See it here.

Do you have a walk-in wardrobe? What are your tips for bedroom storage?

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  1. November 6, 2015 / 10:27 am

    I would absolutely LOVE a walk in wardrobe. I think I would live in there if I had one! x

    • Lins
      November 7, 2015 / 2:28 pm

      LOL that’s what I’m worried about too!! Overall I think I want a bedroom that’s more of a place to enjoy being rather than just purely functional Xx

  2. November 17, 2017 / 8:59 am

    Hey there… excellent ideas. Though since I was looking directly for wardrobes ideas in the attic I thought I would see some closets from that part. Are you having some articles regarding closets directly below cieling (sorry for my Englsih), coming from Slovenia. Our customers are mostly interested in such wardrobe closets because many flats are small, specially ones from new and young families. Regards

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