10 Elegant Ways to Feature Bold Jewel Tones in Your Decor

The beauty of social media for me is being able to get a peep at so many different decor ideas without needing to try them in my own home. Certain things I love and would replicate, others look fabulous in other people’s homes but I know I could never life, for example a dark colour scheme throughout. I do love seeing bold and beautiful colours however, even if they may not feature much in my own style and are unique way to make your space stand out. Jewel tones are rich, strong colours that can help emphasise a room’s view, especially when they’re paired with neutrals.

10 Ways To Feature Jewel Tones In Your Decor

With so many bold and unique ways to use jewel tones, you can instantly give your room a fresh, stunning look. Here are some ideas for how to feature jewel tones in your space.

Make A Room Glitter

Mirrors are an easy way to bring a sparkle to the walls. Choose a mirror with a metallic frame that has a jewel-tone finish to it. Not only will it reflect the light, but it will also create a luxurious feel in the room. Plus, strategic mirror placement can actually make a room look much bigger and will pop especially when used with darker decor.

Jewel Tone Seating

Need something more vibrant than plain upholstered seating in your space? Consider adding a settee in a jewel-tone hue. You can have it upholstered in a solid color or a decorative fabric with jewel-tone elements. It’s an effective way to incorporate colors and patterns in your space. We have a deep teal sofa in our living room and it works well with so many other colours too.

Paint A Feature Wall

A feature wall can be all you need to instantly draw the eye into a room. Paint an emerald green wall using colours like Diamondere’s Emerald designs, or use your own birthstone’s colour instead. Consider using wallpaper or stencils to make the wall really pop.

Accessorise With Cushions

If you’re a bit nervous about wall colours or buying bold furniture, use smaller accessories such as cushions with vibrant jewel tones and match them to your feature wall. You could select a set of deep emerald green cushions and pair them with a similarly coloured throw. That way, you can keep the room’s transitional elements in the same colour family.

Emphasise The Floor

Instead of a traditional rug, try a jewel-tone rug in a geometric pattern. If that’s too bold, you can break up the impact by using a plain rug in a single jewel tone and placing it in front of darker furniture or an ottoman. If you want to commit to your colour, install bright tiles or vinyl floors.

Hang A Tapestry

Adding a tapestry to the walls of your room can be a stunning way to show off jewel tones. Look for a bold-coloured tapestry in a unique pattern to create an eye-catching element to decorate with. Or, opt for a tapestry that has elements of jewel tones along with a muted background.

Ombre Colour Scheme

An ombre color scheme is where an object gradually blends from one color to another. You can choose items like curtains, drapes, rugs, and even wallpapers that feature this look. Plus, the effect can be more subtle than if you simply added jewel-tone elements to your regular decor.

Statement Lighting

When looking for a statement lighting option, consider one with soft jewel tones mixed with eye-catching matte finishes. For instance, a set of pendant lights with clear glass orbs and soft gold frames will add illumination, elegance, and sophistication to any room in your home.

Drape Blankets

By draping jewel-toned blankets over neutral decor, you’ll make these colours pop in an attractive way. Look for blankets that have bold jewel tones in a woven or knit pattern. You can drape them over the arm of a chair or sofa to bring a dash of luxurious color to the room.

Hang An Art Piece

Art pieces are a great way to showcase jewel tones in your decor. Choose a piece of art that is vibrant and eye-catching. It should be the first thing people notice when they enter the room. The art should also be relevant and speak to the type of decor style you’re trying to create. Incorporating a wood picture frame is a wonderful method to elegantly highlight jewel tones in your decor, infusing warmth and sophistication into any room. The juxtaposition of rich jewel tones against the natural texture of a wood picture frame creates a striking visual contrast that enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of your space.

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