How To Introduce CBD To Your Dog

It’s hard to believe that Maddie will be 9 in June, it certainly seems like just yesterday that we brought a tiny bundle of Springer Spaniel fluff home to live with us. Whilst she is still in great shape and very active, she is undoubtedly slower than she used to be. During lockdown we also noticed that she had developed a very slight, almost imperceptible limp in both her front legs.  

On taking her to the vets, one of the things they recommended to help alleviate the pain was hemp, or CBD, oil.

What Is CBD And What Conditions Can It Help?

CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant. There is a lot of misinformation about hemp which in itself doesn’t cause the “high” factor. It’s the THC in hemp that causes that effect. CBD, on the other hand, is used for various health benefits.

Both pets and humans can benefit from CBD oil. It can reduce inflammation, lower anxiety levels, provide pain relief and support a healthy immune system.

Furthermore, while more research is required, the early results from various studies show that CBD oil can assist seizures and osteoarthritis in dogs.

Introducing CBD Oil To Your Dog

All breeds of dogs can benefit from CBD, but CBD may affect different breeds and individual dogs in different ways.

We took guidance from our vet over how best to administer hemp oil when he recommended it as a natural remedy for Maddie’s sore legs. Dosage should be based on things like your dog’s age, weight, diet, ailment and previous medical conditions. There are plenty of guidelines available online but for us, it definitely felt like something we wanted to get professional advice about from someone who knows Maddie. 

Also, remember that dogs have different tolerance levels, just like humans, so their reaction periods to the CBD they are given could range from a few minutes to a few days. Once you have started your dog off on small doses and there have been no adverse side effects, you can increase the dosage, as advised by your vet.

As long as your dog is showing no negative signs, it’s perfectly fine to give your pooch CBD every day if you wish. Some dogs even benefit from multiple daily doses.

How To Administer CBD To Your Dog

There are several ways in which you can give your dog CBD. Here are the four main options.

Give CBD Oil Using The Dropper – Giving CBD oil directly from the dropper is a fast and simple way of giving one dog or multiple dogs the product fuss-free.

Mix CBD Oil In With Your Dog’s Food – Another option is to mix CBD oil in with your dog’s food. You could mix it into treats as well. Some dogs don’t like being fed from a dropper, so this is a good option if your dog isn’t fond of droppers and this is what we opted to do for Maddie.

Give Your Dog A CBD Treat – CBD for dogs is available in other forms besides oil. So, you may prefer to give your dog a CBD treat, like a soft chew or peanut butter CBD.

Give Your Dog Topical CBD Applications – You don’t even have to feed CBD to your dog. Instead, you can use topical CBD applications, such as CBD dog shampoos, balms and sprays.

Where Can You Buy CBD For Dogs?

CBD for dogs, in its various forms, such as oil, treats and shampoos, is freely available to buy online and at pet stores.

If you’re looking for CBD oil for dogs, Honest Paws has an excellent organic oil that can help to relax your doggy in as little as an hour and assist in relieving pain and reducing inflammation.

CBD oil hasn’t been legally available for long. But it has quickly become a popular remedy to help dogs relax and gain relief from certain conditions. For myself, I’d always rather choose natural remedies over strictly medication and so if I can find the same results work for my pets, it’s definitely how I’d prefer to do things.

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