Would You Travel Australia In A Motorhome?

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One of the things I love most about social media is the opportunity to peek into so many different lives. Of course, we understand it’s only a snapshot and a curated one at that but I can live vicariously through others – from the lady I follow who lives in a cabin on an island close to the North Pole, to the fabulous pre-war apartment owners in Manhattan to the couple I love who live in a van with their dog in California.

I could never live in a van but there’s something so exciting about the thought of it – a motorhome road trip can make for the holiday of a lifetime. There are so many perks to travelling in a motorhome: the freedom and convenience to visit wherever you want, whenever you want. Plus, you have the capacity to visit multiple destinations during the same trip which makes it very cost-effective.

One of my lovely Instagram friends has just recently returned from a 6 weeks trip to Australia to see her younger sister and I loved seeing such a beautiful country through her eyes. Whilst she stayed in an Air BnB, Australia makes for a great motorhome destination, a country that boasts spectacular sights and natural scenery that includes the iconic Gold Coast, the Great Barrier Reef that stretches along the north-eastern coast, the outback, and the Daintree Rainforest in Queensland. Any such trip requires a certain amount of prep and research before you go, so here are some things to think about:

Essentials before you go

Before you begin your trip, there are some essentials that will need organising. Most importantly of course whether owing or renting a motorhome is making sure the correct documentation is prepared. In particular, you’ll need motorhome insurance to legally drive on the roads and to provide financial cover in case of any accidents. Make sure you also familiarise yourself with the Australian highway code. Nailing these basics are the first step on your way to sorting out an unforgettable trip.

Picking your route

Once dates are in mind for the trip ahead, the next thing you will need to organise is selecting the route. When planning a tour of Australia, these elements go hand in hand. Bear in mind that the dry season in Australia begins in May and lasts until October, whilst the wet season runs from November until April. Next, you should factor in the duration of your journey – after all, some routes across the country are longer than others. For example, Adelaide to Darwin via Uluru is one iconic route that takes 14 days, while Perth to Adelaide is a 25-day, 4500km expedition in itself. Make sure to research the best Australian road trips and to plan accordingly.

Tips for the Australian outback

Many of these road trips take you through the Australian Outback, so it’s worth preparing carefully for this experience. The Australian outback is a massive, arid region and some areas have few inhabitants to seek help from. If your route takes you through this expansive area, staying hydrated is paramount. Be sure to carry plenty of clean drinking water alongside a well-stocked first aid kit. Think about the temperatures too –  despite the higher temperatures during the day, at night these can drop quite significantly so remember to pack clothing to cater for both warm and cold weather. A final tip is to make sure you always tell someone your route: where you are starting from and where you intend to finish. This way, should you ever get lost or stranded, it will make it easier for you to be found and rescued.

Campsites and facilities

Campsites will likely form an integral part of your road trip. Not only do they provide a safe and secure location for a good night’s rest, Australian campsites often have excellent facilities to make use of, such as showers and kitchens. Many of them also have recreational and leisure facilities – in particular swimming pools – to provide a bit of comfort and R&R should you need it. They also have the added benefit of being relatively cheap. Just make sure to plan your route accordingly and book everything in advance if possible.

I’d really love to visit Australia, but can’t honestly promise I’d be able to travel around in a motorhome – I’ve seen too many scary movies (hey Wolf Creek I’m looking at you) but at least I’m prepared in case it ever happens. Happy driving!

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